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Ouch, first post on Mastodon. On any public feed in fact, let's see how this goes! Cheers people

@mrGreen Welcome!! I hope you find this a pretty dope site to be, folks here seem friendly enough! If local's not too active and you'd like to chatter more/wanna chatter more in general, you oughta check out the Federated Timeline:tm:!

@elime hm,.. since they're cloned, are the originals still alive? I wonder how strange it'd be if they ran into the family of whom they were cloned based off of

@elime Holy hell that's dope as fuck?? Damn you really thought this out! tbh I was gonna offer my discord handle up, so it's easier to chatter there if you'd like?? + I've done things all over the place whoops! Hence me asking what kinda stuff you're looking for.

@sera yes. all the time. 24/7. That'd be awesome honestly? //nYOOMS OVER HERE
What're you looking for specifically, tbh? Involving the pixel art?

Oh dang, I just realized the federated timeline lets you talk to folks from other communities. Mwahaha, now I don't have to sign up for a billion of them!

@chillallmen this is gold wth?? a true icon in the making,,

@wyrddrgn Oh that's dope! Could you toss me her twitter handle? I'd love to check out more of her art!

Aha, I'm sure she'll survive 'long as she doesn't run off and split from the group. After all, we all know what happens whenever party members run off alone for too long,..

@dolls That looks so awesome?? It turned out so well, I really love how saturated the lighting is!

@wyrddrgn Oh man I love her design! Do you regularly commission art of/get art of her, or you draw yourself?

@wyrddrgn Oh yoo! That'd be dope to chatter about it all, at least! And ohohoho, I'll def take a look at your warlock!

@artisticfennec Oh darn, I really need to make an IG sometime aha. Only problem's no phone, so can't really.

@artisticfennec well that's a mood! I tend to do same thing all the time, whoops! Though it doesn't turn out nearly as clean as yours. Do you have a dA or twitter? If so I'd love to follow you on there!

@elime I love this design and the lore wise concept for 'em! If you're chill with sharing, I'd love to hear if you've got anything else sorted out for this bab?

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