Sup y'all? Going to,.. try reaching out into more communities I guess, idk y'all. Highkey I absolutely adore DnD, haven't played it in years tho! So if anyone's a okay for some nonsense artist joining their game, hmu 👍

@awodee Heya! Unfortunately, there's no space in my online group, but I'm more than happy to burble about D&D or many other RPGs.

Have a scroll down my media/toots for my current Sunday character, Ariadne the Half-Drow Warlock.

@wyrddrgn Oh yoo! That'd be dope to chatter about it all, at least! And ohohoho, I'll def take a look at your warlock!

@wyrddrgn Oh man I love her design! Do you regularly commission art of/get art of her, or you draw yourself?

@awodee I commissioned those three pieces from a lady called Cas Helwick, whom I encountered on Twitter. I love how she captured the FotR Arwen riding outfit.

Depending on how long Ariadne survives, I may commission more. She's rather... headstrong, but isn't the most often dropped member of the party.

@wyrddrgn Oh that's dope! Could you toss me her twitter handle? I'd love to check out more of her art!

Aha, I'm sure she'll survive 'long as she doesn't run off and split from the group. After all, we all know what happens whenever party members run off alone for too long,..

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