@ITOmarHernandez I don’t get out enough. And when I do, I’m more likely to play something from someone else’s collection of games that they’re drowning in and haven’t played yet!

@kensanata Nowadays it sounds like something out of a steampunk story. “Yeah, we implemented a web forum, but using paper and the postal system.” If a flamewar broke out, it went on forever.

Just got my kickstarted copy of Tiny Epic Zombies Deluxe! Gamelyn Games continues to push the limits of just how much cool stuff they can cram into one of these little boxes. I sleeved all of the cards, and everything still fits, but just barely!

Long-time tabletop player! Played my first RPG with white box D&D back in 1977. Contributed for several years to Alarums & Excursions, the RPG APAzine. Currently drowning in boardgames I haven’t had a chance to play yet.

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