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Fascinating review of all the "What is a RPG?" sections in rulebooks in the 1970s and 1980s

Checked out Firefly Toys and Games while we were in Columbia SC. It's a really nice looking store with loads of games for sale, a giant open gaming area with demo games, and an arcade. Would definitely make this a regular store if we were local!


Got a nice Double-Nine domino set for a dollar. It's missing a single tile.

Finally doing the open call for playtesters for Styx and Bones. If your interested, feel free to DM me. I will be providing a test kit to up to 10 people, shipping next month!

For folks who don't have minis/don't want to spend the money on them/don't want to deal with the painting. What do you use instead when you *do* use something? I have cheap plastic bags of army men and dinosaurs.

Roommate got me this. Anyone know this one? I found this creature in it and love them! It wants a hug, but can't so it feels it must hurt the world who hurt it that it can't ever experience the embrace of another

I did business stuff today. Putting on a tie, carrying a brief case, sending out e-mails to three manufacturers to get an idea of what my game will cost to make. I am a business person.

πŸ’‘ 2022 has been announced and this year you can face the challenge as a team! πŸ’ͺ πŸ‘ˆ Click here to check out all the rules and join the jam.

Still only curious? Get a brief overview of all editions since 2010 right here:

This is mostly a note for myself, but I'll have to add a small note for 2player play to my game. Basically it'll just be the equivalent of a GM and a player, but felt it might be fun for people who want to play with others. I mean you can hack multiplayer in anyway, but still.

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Does anyone know any good Podcasts? I want to get into traveller but want to see how other people feel about it first, y'know?

tip: Upset your rogues by putting in random rooms that are locked but contain absolutely nothing in them.

Sitting here rolling my dice and getting just awful rolls today (nothing but 5's and 6's on d12s). I said screw this, pulled out my mint chocolate chip d12 from Ice Cream Dice saying "these never fail me" and immediately rolled a 12

Created a logo for anyone who uses the Tavern Dice SRD. I really like how it turned out!

I thought of a reason for me to play a human fighter in . A chaotic good, he owns a feeble old horse who can barely carry him, an ill-fitting suit of armor, a lance, sword and shield. He's a 50 year old noble who seeks adventure after reading books of knights and dragons!

Does anyone know any board game manufacturers that work with small developers? I know of The Game Crafter, but am open to others as well! Just looking for when I'm ready to start producing copies of Styx and Bones so I can get an idea of what the final budget will look like! Bonus if they do tin boxes because I'd love to do that with Styx and Bones!

I started the monster stats in April. I finished the rough draft today. That means I just need to start testing and balancing and making the items to boost where necessary and I'll be ready for open testing :D

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