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Ooh, look at that! It's a guide to learn how to do the page layout for RPGs:

I just found this on the RPGGeek forums, if you want to have a look:

Aranxire wants to steal as much as he can and as often as he can. More about the grab than the smash. His starting (lev 1 Rogue/lev 2 Sorc) spells:
* Fire Bolt
* Mage Hand
* Minor Illusion
* Prestidigitation
* Thaumaturgy (Tiefling)
1st Level
* Sleep
* Disguise Self
* Detect Magic (for getting the good stuff)
* Hellish Rebuke (Tiefling)

I've been thinking about spells in Vancian magic systems like D&D/Pathfinder. While I often put work into making my characters unique each with a different backstory/personality, my spell lists have largely been pulled from a similar tactical go-to list. The combat nature of the games often requires this.

My next character gets to start at level 3. Since I'm doing a Rogue/Sorcerer hybrid with some melee skills, his initial spell choices will be flavored more
towards his character than combat.

Last year I switched my traditional fantasy ttrpg game of choice (for those rare times I play/write about trad-fantasy). Today's column details my transition from Pathfinder to DnD.

I'm still not the biggest fan of the more tactical style, traditional fantasy games, but I do think there will be a bit more DnD content on my site in the future.

Last Attercap.Net post of the year: I look back on what I did and what I expect for 2020. Short version: the haitus did me good an my writing enthusiasm has returned.

I'm not much of an artist, so one of my favorite ways to do character portraits these days is to log into HeroForge, craft a minifig and use the .png export functionality, then I "paint" the figure in Photoshop. I'm not amazing with PS, but I'm better with that than drawing!

Other character portrait options for me usually involve Sims 4 or various MMO character creators (depending on the game and how much the MMO will do for free).

What do y'all use for your character portraits?

I finally watched Carnival Row on Amazon over my Turkey Day break. ...And now I really want to run a game using the old Amazing Engine: For Faerie, Queen, and Country rules/world.

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And I finally finished and posted my thoughts about GM-less games and how traditional RPGs are games for "adventures":

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I've been doing the NaNoWriMo thing this month and I realized what my world had been missing: subtle descriptions of style and color flavoring the text. So I decided to paint my sci-fi universe in neons and pastels.

I don't use miniatures in my gaming that often but when I do I prefer Lego minifigs. I just realized, modifying the Lego Speed Champion cars will be perfect when Car Wars 6e launches. That way, when a car is damaged, players can break off pieces from the lego car.

I've been taking a look at my writing projects (blogs, rpg columns, and webcomics) for the past 20 years and most fizzle out around the 3 year mark. I'm seeing it with, as well. I've started skipping more weeks. How does one maintain their writing stamina?

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Happy Halloween, tooters! Are you in costume today? (I am.)

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Which toy/cartoon franchise would you want as a ttrpg? (Surprised that some of these aren't.)

Which toy/cartoon franchise would you want as a ttrpg? (Surprised that some of these aren't.)

If you're a ttrpg designer on, Evil Hat might feature you in their newsletter. Full details on twitter:

Your Halloween season reminder that not every angel is on the side of humanity and some are more scarier than anything in Hell.

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Let's talk a little more about poison, and why it was such a big deal in the 19th century.

Last Saturday I ran another session of my Call of Cthulhu Down Darker Trails game. The player actions inspired my "Run" column and now my scenario planning, session summary, and general thoughts are available for reading.

This week's column looks at the Trials used by Skeksis and Gelflings (both canon and original) to settle disputes and provides game mechanics in Fate Core for your War of the Dark Crystal campaign.
Author's Note: I had ideas for a Trial by Lore and a Trial by Beast, but they didn't quite capture the right flavor when written.

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