So, got some interesting feedback on my "no advancement ttrpgs" question. Which leads me to a follow-up: if you can move things around on your character sheet or your character doesn't really advance numerically, does that take away any of the fun for you, personally?

To put it another way: Is part of the fun about RPGs for you intrinsic in your character being able to perform skills better?

Follow-up: Isn't better gear that equates to better skills really just the same thing as leveling up?

@spacewizard @hardcorenarrativist I haven't heard of those. (Well, heard of Sorcerer but don't think I ever played.) Nice to see that fantasy games aren't exempt from the list.

@kensanata With Fate Milestones you do eventually add to your ladder of skills. But that's close to what I'm thinking, yeah. I like Fate a lot.

Are there any ttrpg systems with no leveling/skill growth? (Not including one-shots.) Basically, a game that suggests the character one builds is where they want that character to be from start to end? Would such a thing make sense?

In TV shows and comics, character skills are relatively static. Lore might grow, but they often start and continue to be bad-asses. [There are exceptions, of course, speaking generally here.] Wondering if any games represent that.

I Kickstarted the Full-Color Custom miniatures for HeroForge and, I'll say this: even if I only order one or two figures, this is going to be a dandy way to make character portraits for a lot of games.

Is there or has anyone attempted to make a meme-based ? The danker the meme, the better the outcome?

@WanderingBeekeeper I know how you feel. I want players who invest in their characters beyond the game and help shape the plot. I don't want to be a railroad GM, but sometimes the players lack of self-agency forces my hand!

p.s. I will play with you and care more about character (and making voices), time willing.

Based on my first City of Villains MMO character, here's a tongue-in-cheek homage to one of DC's Top Three for your Fate Core superhero game.

Thanks, @rimraf and @Golux13 ! I'm still working through base concepts and details, so it was more a mental thought but I may reach out in a month or so for an assist! :)

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The difficulty with writing a new, custom ttrpg system solo is that it become difficult to playtest components of the system prior to fully putting them to paper.

I've been lax on posting my scenarios and session summaries. So, this week, I'll be posting at least the last 2, if not all 3, of this year's sessions.

@urbanfuzzy Oh, some of those classic cross between choose your own adventure and ttrpg books were great. I had a few of the Lone Wolf and LotR books, but I really loved the Narnia Solo Games books.

@takeonrules Not a week goes by where I don't have to remind an enterprise-level client with a CMS that a 2mb+ image upload is not a good idea (not all CMS systems have dynamic image compression--but they really should).

I'm the only gamer in my apartment (my roommate doesn't play any board/card/video games), and I can only stare at a computer screen so long. So, when I want to play an RPG-style board game, I have to find a game that allows solo play. My Top Five solo board games (with an RPG feel) are my topic du jour. Additional recommendations welcome! I saw it because it was boosted. I wonder if there's some sort of deletion protection on cross-group boosts? Can you provide a source for that? I'm finding news about quarantines and border closure, but nothing about rent/utility suspensions.

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