Are there any ttrpg systems with no leveling/skill growth? (Not including one-shots.) Basically, a game that suggests the character one builds is where they want that character to be from start to end? Would such a thing make sense?

In TV shows and comics, character skills are relatively static. Lore might grow, but they often start and continue to be bad-asses. [There are exceptions, of course, speaking generally here.] Wondering if any games represent that.


Star Trek Adventures is close to what you seek.

Characters do change, but it's a lot of "Change <narrative element> for another <narrative element>." The stat changes are mostly "Lower one <stat> to increase a different <stat>."

You can hit "Arc Milestones," but as written they are super rare, and each is only an increase of one to a chosen stat. And they get rarer as play continues.

@attercap @attercap Traveller was the first time I encountered it. Since then I've only ever tacked on advancement in my designs because other people seem to want it. I don't get it, myself.

@attercap @hardcorenarrativist Original Traveller had no rules for advancement (outside of choosing in-game to train or educate yourself specifically -- normal play did not advance you).

@attercap @hardcorenarrativist but yeah there are many, many like that. Swords Without Master springs to mind. Trollbabe. Maybe Sorcerer? Not sure. Lasers & feelings but that's kind of one-shotty...

@spacewizard @hardcorenarrativist I haven't heard of those. (Well, heard of Sorcerer but don't think I ever played.) Nice to see that fantasy games aren't exempt from the list.

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