For GMs: These are rare, but when a system or supplement offers ways to generate towns/cities or planets on the fly or with minimal prep, which do you prefer?

I should have added a 3rd option of "no systems, just ideas/guidelines."

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I ran a similar poll on twitter (but included the "no system, just ideas" option). Of the 9 votes, no one selected point build. 5 for "ideas only," 4 for "random roll tables."

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@attercap Tables tend to create things thathave no cohesion, whereas a point buy system allows me to build something that makes sense around a theme. Part of why I love tabletop is that sense of cohesion and meaning. Pure random generation I can get from countless video games.

Point buy takes a while though. I'd use it between sessions but if the players suddenly decide to go somewhere that was just a name till that moment I'd roll it up.

It just needs to give me enough to improv around, which to me is the fun of GMing rather than having everything meticulously laid out beefore hand - I do that when I'm writing, RPing is more organic for me so random seeds give me idea sparks I might not otherwise think of

@ackthrice @attercap Point buy does take a while, you're right. I can see rolling up taking a while, too, unless you have all the tables you use readily available. The ones I use are strewn about the books I have, which is prooobably an indication I should consolidate. :)

I will concede that I'm a planner and I like to have things set out as much as I can (though, indeed, no plan survives contact with the enemy). I do also concede that randomness does provide ideas you'd not think of otherwise

@anahata @attercap
Fair points. I would usually keep stuff to hand if there was a chance of the players going off piste. e.g when I used to play Stars without number I'd keep a random planet generator to hand in case they decided to just bypass the ones I had created.
I like point buy too, my fave RQ supplement is Empires because of the point buy for civilisations and cities and factions etc.

@ackthrice @attercap TIL "off piste", thank you. :) This conversation has made it clear that I should probably organize all the tables I have (and, surprisingly, I actually have a LOT) into some form I can easily reference. Random planet generator sounds pretty cool, how detailed does it get?

Now that I think about it, that's actually probably a useful approach: more general tables and then more specific ones as the PCs poke das blinkenlights.

@attercap Actually, I think multiple choice would be good. When I have a good idea of what I want I like the latter, but when I don't have too much of an idea I like the random rolls.

@Provinto @attercap I would be very curious to know the rationale for the folks who voted for tables. It's not the way I play and I want to understand that difference of perspective.

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