Fellow GMs, are your players more reactionary/go along with the story you present or are they more proactive/craft new threads in play (ideally without derailing the adventure)?

Which do you prefer?

@attercap Hm, I have a hard time telling what you mean by the two. What counts as a "new thread"? And, how railroady is the adventure?

I normally play GMless, but the kinds of scenarios I (used to) write are one-shots with pregen PCs. I want the players/PCs to be engaged in the story, but there's no railroad: just characters, possible events, stuff like that. So they might very well come up with things that I didn't think of, and it's fine... as long as it's consistent with the situation.

@hardcorenarrativist I've just noticed that the players in the last few groups I've GMed usually sail along with the plot and don't have a lot of personal initiative. Some minor character growth plans, but not a lot of personal initiative. It could be a Call of Cthulhu thing, but I'm used to players giving me more threads that I can weave into the overall campaign.

@attercap Oh, right, campaigns! I forget people usually play those. I guess it would be kind of weird in a campaign context, yeah. I think I'd feel like there's no character development and that the characters aren't really alive or something.

So I guess I definitely go for preferring players with initiative, now that I understand the question better.

@attercap Usually the opposite of what I'm planning for 🙃

@kensanata @attercap More reactive ... which I find somewhat exhausting. I wish they'd be more proactive, and spin their own agendas and stories. I'd really be interested in your favourite techniques to stimulate player proactiveness! #GMing

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