Partially due to joining this network. I made the decision to try to write and sell an original tabletop RPG. I've been paying attention to discussions regarding what others are doing and have compiled some thoughts and notes. If you want to and are able to contribute to the discussion with your own experiences, I'd very much welcome your thoughts!

@attercap You've got your indie project better organized at the outset than I had mine. I leaped into #Venleitche with just kind of an idea and some rough notes about the game mechanics and game world. My idea was to develop the game in front of a live studio audience, as it were, the patrons of my #Patreon, let them see the sausage making and heckle from the peanut gallery. While I've gotten a system in place for tracking progress, timeline was never discussed.

@WanderingBeekeeper I think my day job as a solution architect just brings out the project manager in me for anything I undertake. I'm always focused on scope and goalposts. :)

@attercap yea, I taught the folks at FASA about project management, and now the company uses ClickUp. I use ProjectLibre myself for 1879. For Venleitche, I'm using a sort of Agile model, with a one week sprint, a ToDo list that serves as user stories, and a changelog.

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