I've been thinking about spells in Vancian magic systems like D&D/Pathfinder. While I often put work into making my characters unique each with a different backstory/personality, my spell lists have largely been pulled from a similar tactical go-to list. The combat nature of the games often requires this.

My next character gets to start at level 3. Since I'm doing a Rogue/Sorcerer hybrid with some melee skills, his initial spell choices will be flavored more
towards his character than combat.

Aranxire wants to steal as much as he can and as often as he can. More about the grab than the smash. His starting (lev 1 Rogue/lev 2 Sorc) spells:
* Fire Bolt
* Mage Hand
* Minor Illusion
* Prestidigitation
* Thaumaturgy (Tiefling)
1st Level
* Sleep
* Disguise Self
* Detect Magic (for getting the good stuff)
* Hellish Rebuke (Tiefling)

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