Though it's a "dead game" in terms of new official material and even finding a group, In Nomine remains one of my loves and I always come up with new ideas. Even when originally thinking of ideas for other games.

For Free RPG Day this past weekend I wrote and ran an Achtung! Cthulhu scenario set in Burma during the Japanese occupation. It was fun to have the players deal with jungles, monkeys, and the Twin Obscenities.

This Saturday is Free RPG Day. What's everyone running/playing? I'll be at Guardian Games in Portland at 11am (PT) running a 2 hour custom Achtung! Cthulhu (7E) scenario.

When I was writing up a summary of the various Star Wars RPG systems ( ) I started thinking about a grid of RPG showing the two axes of Simulation - Narrative and Rules-Heavy (crunch) - Rules-Light. Has anyone seen/put together a grid like that?

I've been pondering running a Star Wars Old Republic campaign where the PCs are part of the Sith Empire (and don't ask "are we the baddies?" along the way). This has me thinking about games where the player characters weren't necessarily evil, but wouldn't belong to the wrong side of history. Does anyone here have experience running that sort of campaign? How did it go? (Excluding things like Drow Elf campaigns, which tend to go sidewise/devolve quickly.)

I've been thinking about NPC contacts lately and how PCs can get their information on a target (for investigation, heist, hit, whatever). Do your players have someone they can go to who knows how to read refuse?

I wanted to bring dryads (or dryad-like characters) into the Starfinder setting and allow them as a PC race. My solution is the borayn.

Even when writing horror scenarios I still tend to use a lot of wordplay and/or puns... started writing a World War Cthulhu scenario today that takes place in the jungles of India. The title? Sweatin' to the Great Old Ones.

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Just a reminder that I do have a couple Call of Cthulhu scenarios up for sale on DriveThruRPG:

I ran my second open-table Call of Cthulhu Down Darker Trails game last Saturday and my players finished the session with the high praise of, "you wrote this scenario? you should publish it!" Technically, I did. For free. On the Internet. :)

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Need something to help you out when your players ask for details of a random, nameless NPC?

Your games just got a little bit easier:

A number of game worlds have societies at the edge or in collapse, but what about games where the object is to rebuild and bring a brighter future?

I was thinking about doing a big Willow in D&D 5E conversion announcement for my April Fool's gag on my website... but then realized it would be something I actually would want (to buy or do). That inspired me to write up Gilroy, Angel of April Fool's Day Merchandise.

I was halfway through writing a scenario when I realized almost every single last name I was using for the NPCs was the last name of a Parks & Rec character (but not first & last)... I wonder if the players will notice.

Since my occasional Shadowrun group doesn't deal with Missions play, it means I can play a Tiefling if I wanna. So, I do. And I recently wrote and posted the race for other folks in non-Missions games.

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tip for campaigns using XP:
You know that "fake" XP that you add when calculating the challenge of a multi-monster combat but you're not supposed to award?

Award it.

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I created the Indie RPG Pipeline as a free resource to help spread the word of new rpgs being released and to help folk find the game they want. Now I want to do it better. Please have a read of my objective with this patreon, support it if you like and spread the word.

I not only created a new scenario for CoC Down Darker Trails, I also wrote a session summary and my lessons learned. Here's my "Bag of Nails" dime-novel campaign Issue #1: Baby Back Ribs.

After years of not playing Call of Cthulhu outside of the occasional convention one-shot, I started a new campaign yesterday. Things went successfully (as my players left wanting another session). We had some rule questions and I was reminded of my axiom: It's more important for the pace of the game to avoid going to the book for any question and to instead go with the flow/what seems correct. Then, upon learning the correct way, acknowledging and using the correct rule in future scenarios.

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