Since my occasional Shadowrun group doesn't deal with Missions play, it means I can play a Tiefling if I wanna. So, I do. And I recently wrote and posted the race for other folks in non-Missions games.

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tip for campaigns using XP:
You know that "fake" XP that you add when calculating the challenge of a multi-monster combat but you're not supposed to award?

Award it.

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I created the Indie RPG Pipeline as a free resource to help spread the word of new rpgs being released and to help folk find the game they want. Now I want to do it better. Please have a read of my objective with this patreon, support it if you like and spread the word.

I not only created a new scenario for CoC Down Darker Trails, I also wrote a session summary and my lessons learned. Here's my "Bag of Nails" dime-novel campaign Issue #1: Baby Back Ribs.

After years of not playing Call of Cthulhu outside of the occasional convention one-shot, I started a new campaign yesterday. Things went successfully (as my players left wanting another session). We had some rule questions and I was reminded of my axiom: It's more important for the pace of the game to avoid going to the book for any question and to instead go with the flow/what seems correct. Then, upon learning the correct way, acknowledging and using the correct rule in future scenarios.

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the Mastodon Community Survival Fund is officially depleted, and if you'd like to add to it to help our fediverse neighbors in need, our Liberapay is here:

We are looking into other ways to accept donations too.

If you're in need right now, we can at least keep boosting your requests for assistance. Send us a DM if we don't see you first. ❤️

I've been playing around with worldbuilding for a magi-tech space setting for about 10 years now (on and off). Despite this being my largest worldbuilding effort, I've never used the setting for a game or fiction.
Does anyone else just enjoy the practice of worldbuilding even if it may never be utilized?

There are a lot of horror stories about bait and switch games, where players create characters for one thing only to find that they're in something else. But surprise genre/world shifts don't have to be bad, they just need to be done right and not invalidate player agency.

After some other discussions on this platform I realized how non-accessible my own site is--especially to text readers (that often block/don't process jquery). I've been thinking about tweaking the design and I'll definitely do so with more of an eye towards ADA compliance.

Sometimes I think I want to GM and write adventures just so I can inflict my puns on others and they can't stop me. My upcoming adventure for my Roll20 group? Faerily Complex

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This is an article on how to play a role-playing game as a character from another ethnicity or culture. Don't make me regret it.

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As I create my Technomancer character for an upcoming Starfinder campaign I am reminded of how much I hate "spell slots," especially at lower levels. I have to ask (cribbing from Last Week Tonight), "why is this still a thing?"

Though I'm clearing out some games and pondering the sale of my Pathfinder books, there are two TTRPG libraries I don't ever think I'll sell: In Nomine and Call of Cthulhu. They are always a source of inspiration. (And I always get around to playing them again.)

What are some of your "forever games?"

I periodically clean out my gaming library and I'm really on the fence if I want to keep my remaining Pathfinder books or not. I originally purchased the books because I was moving to Portland from Chicago and the Society has a large presence here that I thought I could use to meet gamers. ...Only to discover that league/society/guild play really doesn't suit my style.

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Fate Space Toolkit, $10 for prototype PDF and eventual final version PDF.

“TL;DR: There’s no art, but sales of this will help us get art, and once we get art, we’ll upgrade your PDF to one with art at no added cost.”

Sometimes I call my mother just to tell her that Vanilla Ice says, "word."

I've thought about doing Patreon once or twice but when I was about to set something up they'd make a decision I didn't care for (like targeting NSFW artists). With the recent interview with Jack Conte I'm even more unsure of the platform and what it will do to creators and patrons. For those of you using or thinking of using Patreon, do you still believe it's worth a shot or are there better alternatives?

Not every game has the right ingredients for play or lasts as long as one thought... Here are some ways I've been in broken games and my solutions to help repair them. ...And without always turning to board games (though that's a good fall-back).

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