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apparently you can book a professional cuddler as a cuddle therapy session

$80 an hour

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so its been... 80 years since ive been on mastodon... how yall hanging

Hey Tabletop social / anyone else who plays dnd, Im making a homebrew campaign and I wanted to ask- what are some of the worst cliché's you come across when playing someone else's homebrew campaign?

wait i liked one more thing
silly #homestuck worlds i made of stock images n stuff,,

land of smog and mirrors & land of trees and typhoons

i wish i could accomplish things as a teenager in high school and show them to people before i graduate to college and everyone forgets each other, but no the world wants to take a shit on me i guess

hospitalized for an OD after mixing gummy vitamins and a kool-aid jammer 🤢 💀

:transknife: :transknife: :transknife: THIS PAGE IS PROTECTED BY TRANS PEOPLE WITH KNIVES :transknife: :transknife: :transknife:

I think kin should be protected under the Constitution

am i actually crying because porn is being banned wtf is wrong with . me

a party worm for every man, woman, and enby, because i love and support everyone so fucking much and even if we don't know each other, just say the word and i'll die for you. fuck capitalism, fuck republicans. send toot

like i knew a lot of gay people on 2012 tumblr but everyone else realized they were gay like years later and people didn't typical make jokes exclusively about how gay they were ( i feel like that started in 2014-16?)

Hey 's tell me your classpect and get a follow

I'm a prince of mind which is kickass

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