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Selfie, No Eye Contact, Winter Holidays (+) 

Happy Candlenights! Here's a selfie from hiding in a bathroom at church!~

Selfie, Eye Contact, Boost Cuz Awesome Surprise! 

My best birthday gift, probably in a while. My cousin got one of my drawings printed on a t-shirt!~ Also, cute selfies. :3

Selfie, Eye Contact, Boostable as Heck for my Birthday 

Wearing trans pride colours and a purple cloak for ace pride!~

Selfie, Eye Contact, Boostable as Heck! 

Some more simple selfies cuz I'm feeling cute as heck!~ Feel free to call me so, cuz I'll get super flustered

Not My Art, Credited 

My friend and DM (@annana_boo on instagram) drew My, my half-elf wizard and I'm crying it's so cute!~ 😭​

Pic of my stomach, Scars, Health stuffs (~) 

Oh yeah, so have I ever mentioned on here that I have four badass scars from when I had my gallbladder removed?

Drew my adventuring group!~ My, half-elf wizard; Elisa, drow rogue/paladin; Will, tiefling Druid. And Yul, the lich bouncing around My's head. fun times, you know!~

Holiday Ish (+), Travis McElroy, Me Gay, Eye Contact not me 

I'm honestly gonna cry he's so beautiful.

Selfies, No Eye Contact, Boost to give Head Pats 

Or just, you know, call me cute. Either way I'll be blushing. :headpats:

Food (+) 

Results! Ignore the missing cookie. No idea what happened to it. 😏

Food, Selfie, Eye Contact, Boost for this Baker! 

Baking cookies and feeling flustered so some cute selfies!~ :sparkles_trans:

My latest drawing (and character I made despite not having a campaign for them)! This is Elle! They are a Half-Orc Pact of the Blade Hexblade Warlock. They constantly wear a mask, keeping their appearance a secret. When they need to remove it in front of others, they cast disguise self on themselves, typically taking on the form of whoever has been most annoying about them not sharing their appearance. They fight wielding a scimitar and a shield!~

Finished another commission, this time of a friend's goth girlfriend in a game of D&D. Hope y'all like it!~

Slightly Unnerving Art 

Finished up my latest commission for @MontyVerdan of their character thingy!~ Hope y'all like it! :sparkles_trans:

Selfie, Eye Contact, Boost to Call me Cute 

Or fave. Or just call me cute. They'll all work. And they'll all make me flustered.

What I love most about Mastodon. I ask if people can boost something for me and I get 25 boosts in ten hours. Literally got two more while typing this. Y'all are all awesome!~

So I finished another commission today!~ I kinda pushed myself to draw cuz I haven't been doing it much lately, but @allegras1stmate commissioned me to draw my bookish wizard My again!

Latest Commission, Slight Nudity ish 

My latest commission, commissioned by @Pyretta !

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