It's been a while! Work's been crazy and I've been struggling to keep up, but now here is a fresh new drawing for y'all! And hopefully I'll be back to posting semi-regularly at least now!

Been a while, but I did a drawing of my gay halfling cleric and her changeling sorcerer girlfriend! Hope y'all like it!~

My latest drawing, Bree Thornhill, a halfling Grave Domain Cleric. She's adorable and has been lacking in outside contact for about 14 years. Also she's a huge gay mess!~ :sparkles_trans:

Some sketches I did tonight! My, halfelf wizard and gay disaster kissing her girlfriend Lyana in midair in front of the full moon with music playing in the background. Viol, my goblin bard. And Aura, my Air Genasi Charlatan Rogue. Hope y'all like these sketches, cuz I'm trying to get back in the habit of sketching all the time!~ :sparkles_trans:

My latest character, Aura Lavern, a Genasi Rogue. She's eventually gonna be an Arcane Trickster, once she levels enough. Her mother is a tiefling.

Coming Out, Selfie, Eye Contact, Boostable 

My Coming Outfit, aka what I'm wearing in three ish hours when I come out!

New Character Drawing, Alcohol in Drawing 

My new character, Viol, a Goblin Bard and sailor, currently first mate on a privateer ship!~

Selfies, Eye Contact, Boostable as Hec 

Some cute selfies now!~ :sparkles_trans: Feel free to boost em or call me cute, or, you know, both. :3

Another character, this time the Fire Genasi Ash, an Eldritch Knight!

My latest drawing, this time of my Air Genasi Monk!~ The tattoos were a pain!! 😅​

The sketches I did (while standing) at the con! I was hanging out with the Mandalorian Mercs a lot!

Selfie, Eye Contact, Boostable As Heck 

Some cute hiding in the bathroom again selfies. This time with a new necklace!!!

Selfie, Eye Contact, Okay To Boost, TAZ Cosplay 

Here's some pics of my Indrid Cold cosplay!

Starting up Commissions again now that things are a little less frantic! So here's a new and updated guide to my prices! If you're interested, DM me! Payment will be via PayPal. Please boost this and help a gal out!~ :sparkles_trans:

Gay Story Time, AKA literally every story I tell but this time even gayer (Also selfie with eye contact) 

So the shirt I'm wearing is the one I was first wearing when I met my partner. It literally caused them to do a double take, cuz at first they thought it was some frat guy shirt then they realized it was actually a D&D shirt. They first saw me while I was walking on campus and they were driving past. We then met again at D&D club and they talked about my shirt.

My latest D&D character! Lerissa Highcourt, a Tiefling Bladesinger, adopted daughter of two Elven Noblewomen, and oblivious gay mess!~

Bad Pun, Open at Own Risk 

This is why I'm the bard. I was talking about how Shrodinger My's skeleton cat lives in her bag of holding.

Selfie, Eye Contact, Boostable! Body Image Mention (+) 

Continuing the trend of taking more pictures this year than every year before now combined!

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