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Starting up Commissions again now that things are a little less frantic! So here's a new and updated guide to my prices! If you're interested, DM me! Payment will be via PayPal. Please boost this and help a gal out!~ :sparkles_trans:

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By the way, if anyone ever wants to friend me on Discord my artisticfennec#3359! I'll be pinning this to my account

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Can't wait to come out to my family by dressing as Eowyn, pulling off my helmet, and shouting "I am no man!" And then stabbing a witch king or something.

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To the new people following me, just a mini intro! I'm Riley, your loyal bard, I'm trans and super gay. (She/her or they/them). I'm a frequent 5e player and DM, though I'm always happy to try other games! I love TAZ and all other McElroy content, and I'm gonna be doing a D&D podcast with some of my friends at some indeterminate point in the future! I also post far too many selfies, but so far no one's complained!~ Hope y'all enjoy your time on here!~ :sparkles_trans:

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Alright, so I did a voice recording of my voice!~ Just so y'all can hear what I sound like!~ :sparkles_trans:

It's been a while! Work's been crazy and I've been struggling to keep up, but now here is a fresh new drawing for y'all! And hopefully I'll be back to posting semi-regularly at least now!

It's been a while! Work's been crazy and I've been struggling to keep up, but now here is a fresh new drawing for y'all! And hopefully I'll be back to posting semi-regularly at least now!

Been a while, but I did a drawing of my gay halfling cleric and her changeling sorcerer girlfriend! Hope y'all like it!~

Been a while, but I did a drawing of my gay halfling cleric and her changeling sorcerer girlfriend! Hope y'all like it!~

Hey all! So sorry I haven't been on here much, I've been busy with my new job. But I'll hopefully be on here more now as I get used to it!~ :sparkles_trans:

hi im tutupinkol, 16; i draw and stuff and i aspire to be a graphic novelist ntmy!!
i hav a website too required by my school::P

Hi everyone,
I'm new to this instance, so I'm making some .
My main is, I'm 31, scientist from Germany.
I enjoy and I also do .
Some of my favorite games are Dominion, Suburbia, Azul, Welcome to..., Lost cities, Isle of skye and 10" to kill. I could make this a much longer list probably...

I'm an artist, and an EFL teacher. I've been thinking about developing a tabletop RPG to engage students in using their English so I might post that kind of stuff here. As for my credentials....uh, I haven't played much tabletop at all but I like hearing about it, haha.
Hopefully I can get some advice at some point when it comes to game elements and mechanics. Nice to meetcha!

Hi everyone, my name is Sam and I'm new to Mastodon. I work in coffee and I co-host and edit for a small podcast network (only two shows so far!) called Hero Cafe. I really enjoy video games and board games, and I've been looking more at games in the LCG format, having really enjoyed deck building games like Dominion in the past. Looking forward to meeting more of you in the future!

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Hello tabletop
My Name is Dave, I really dig magic the gathering and making YouTube videos. My channel is a strange concoction of pack openings, Arena gameplay, music and musings about the game I fell in love with many ages ago.
I also do card giveaways. It's kind of fun to send cool loot around the world and make someone's day once in a while 😁
I also have a patreon card shop, 5th+ copies opened on the channel are up for grabs

A little about me, I’m a writer by study, data analyst by trade (long story!). I’m a newcomer to most tabletop RPG’s mostly and board games but have fallen in love with them.
I’ve done a fair bit of GMing and currently running a () campaign.

I really love learning new things and new people so from what I’ve read so far this seems like a great place to be!

Hi, i'm Charles, an avid Chelsea and outdoor enthusiast! When indoors we're either conversing or playing tabletop games such as Catan, Ticket to ride, 7 Wonders, Sequence, Phase 10, Cards Against Humanity ... amongst others.

Let's talk board games!

Hello everyone. I ref & play mostly early D&D ( ), though I also play newer games like , , etc. Blog at

Hi! I'm Elliott, I'm an artist who lives in Canada (originally from the US) and I love D&D! Here are some of my characters. L-R & top to bottom:

Aldyn, half-elf sorcerer/rogue
Ithilbryn, high elf cleric
Renton, deva wizard
Darien, tiefling rogue

I'm also on Twitter & Instagram!

Hey everyone! I am Dizzy.
I've been into boardgames / tabletop games since I was a kid, and still enjoy them now!
I first heard about D&D from my mum, as she was big into boardgames and video games as well.

I'm also big into video games as well, and love chatting to people about them! Feel free to say hi! 😀

Howdy y'all,

I got into roleplaying back in 2001 on the Neopets forums. Didn't get into Dungeons and Dragons until two years ago because I thought it was too nerdy.

I enjoy tinkering with game mechanics and playing characters that are clever idiots that don't know how to express their emotions.

howdy! I'm uh. Mostly an artist I guess! If I post much it'll be fanart mostly. I like fantasy rpgs, and I'm looking forward to doing more roleplay stuff like larp and dnd when I get the chance. I'm also kinda shy ;; I'm happy to be here though!

Hi all! I've been GMing since the late '90s, in various systems & settings. Main game world is a D&D setting I started in '03 and is still 👌​. Just started running a new thing for me: it's GURPS Horror/Spirits/Psi, set in a small U.S. city in the early 1980s, gritty realism except for secret paranormal stuff. It's going awesome so far! I call it and will doubtlessly toot some stuff about it.

I chose this gaming instance for the inclusivity. Be seeing you!

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I'm a Python/Django web dev
I play field hockey and watch many sports
I've GMed a few times (Tales from the Loop and Mouse Guard) but never been a player in a pen and paper RPG
I paint a Stormcast Eternals army for Age of Sigmar, with an increasing number of conversions, and sometimes write custom battleplans and rules
I make silly jokes
I've mostly grown out of my youthful pedantry

Hello everyone! New to Mastodon, but have been doing my tabletop thing over on Twitter for a while now (still there, but here too now.) I run a blog on tabletop roleplaying, and write in a few other places too. I also create content for some of the games I play, and I make that available to others. A lot of D&D and Call of Cthulhu, but other stuff as well. Check out the links in my profile to see what I do. I look forward to getting to know you all, and feel free to chat me up!

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