I just published my 1h22min video
"Tutorial: an Illustration from A to Z with Krita"
It's a real full lenght course suited to beginners, but also advanced digital painters. It starts from scratch with default brushes, pref' and breakdown all the process:

▶ Peertube: check @shichimi (soon, still transcoding)
▶ Youtube: youtu.be/uYdEkOyFUn8

#Mastoart #Krita #tutorial

UPDATED - Master List of Tabletop Etsy Shops!

This week I added some more shops to our list of Etsy crafters.

Here you will find game upgrades, box inserts, character sheets, miniatures, scenery, dice, dice towers, dice trays, and other gaming stuff!


Finally finished my Cannon Barrel Bob. After #sculpting and painting him. Those patches got me to the edge of what i'am abled to paint :) Total height 8,5cm. Its a sculpt of my old #Shadowrun char. Unfortunately he fell on the floor that's why he has cracks :/ Who recognises every patch? They all have a reference :) More Pictures in post 2. (1/2)
#miniaturePainting #miniatures #cyberpunk

Table de jeu plage, bateau échoué et sirènes imprimées en 3D, ça coûte que dalle! - Journal d'un pousseur de figurines

"Le scénario 3 de "Dashed Hope" est assez spécifique quant au contexte géographique, aux éléments de décors et aux monstres. Une plage, des rochers, une épave, des sirènes. Pas le genre de chose que j'avais déjà en stock..."

On a whim I did my first scratch build of a mini today. Meet Evil Snake Master!

It might come as a blund excuse, but I rather like it's amateurish look.

[GeekPowa] "Les systèmes de #jdr disponibles en licence libre"
(Pour jouer à Libéré·e, délivré·e le jeu de rôle où il n'y a plus de princesse parfaite)

I haven't bought digital since Amăz0n f*%ck up the Comixology app. & site. I haven't used before. But... I don't know... that's tempting. :starry_eyes:
Humble Comics Bundle: - Perps, Punks & Partners by 2000 AD


: Black Spotted Fungi / Marqueurs de terrain "Champignons noirs"


Reprise au format blog, EN FRANÇAIS des pouets de ce fil de discussion Mastodon.

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Corpse Collector proxy: figurine à partir d'une conversion de jouet d'orc


Reprise au format blog, EN FRANÇAIS des pouets de ce fil de discussion Mastodon.

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Venomcrawler "Skitterspite" of my Word Bearers warband: "The 13th Hour"

Working through the minis in my Shadowspear start collecting! This guy was really fun to paint, as the model is absolutely packed to the brim with flavor. If only he'd last to the end of a single crusade mission! Apparently folks are intimidated by giant, daemonic, soul flaying spider engines.

#warhammer #warhammer40k #warhamFam #miniatures #paintingMiniatures #warhamFam #warhammerCommunity #wordBearers #hereticAstartes

There. Done.
Dungeons "Serillia Silverblade" repainted and rebased.
To be used as a new version of "Severina the Namtabandit", one of my characters for .

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LEADPLAGUE: The watchers of the Chaos wastes -


"The entry force is pretty easy, 5 models so it's really a question of picking 5 models that look suitably, grotesque, horrifying, weird or just cool and here you go.

No like often, I try to build a force around a strong idea and in this case, it was a model I got a few years ago and couldn't just paint without a greater purpose."

The classic all black ninja, with grey highlights, works fine. But it was a little boring to my taste. So I added some dark violet or something here and there, as well as some metallic scratches on some edges.
I can do with "not so well painted" minis on the tabletop, but I don't want boring ones.

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Recycled polystyrene packaging covered in papier mâché, painted in acrylics.
Works fine as a well, or here in , with for scale. (GW # minis)

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