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Hello world!
I'm a software developer and foss enthusiast who enjoys metal, art and gaming. You may expect toots in both English and Spanish from this account.

¡Hola mundo! Soy una programadora y entusiasta del software libre y opensource que aficionada a la música metal, arte, juegos de mesa y videojuegos. Podéis esperar toots tanto en inglés como español en esta cuenta.

So I get stopped in the hallway as I’m carrying this old computer that I need to copy the files, and one of the chiefs asks: ‘What are you doing with this machine?’ And I look at him frankly and I say: ‘Stealing secrets.’:

tests to save webpages from the internet. In its current state it creates copies of the content it scrapes as undeletable stories, so technically the content is stolen.
It bothers me because a lot of devs communities got out of there and now they may try to take our content back without asking. While we think on how to block its scrapper, I'll watch how the lawyers of big news sites react as they take content from soft paywalled sites

In case you missed it, Glimpse is a fork of the excellent photo editor GIMP:

You can follow Glimpse on here:


The name is changed for those who find "Gimp" problematic/offensive, and there are plans to tweak the interface too 👍

There's a good article discussing the project on The Register:

#GIMP #Glimpse #FLOSS

Reminder why does NOT recommend using Brave:

-Brave is a for-profit ad sales and cryptocurrency promotion company, funded by venture capital firms. Its primary purpose is to make money, not protect privacy.

-Top of the list of Brave's VC owners is Founders Fund, which is Peter Thiel's company ( )

-Peter Thiel is also the head of Palantir, which makes its money by spying on the general public ( )

#Brave #PeterThiel #Palantir

When you read in the Git log that someone called Thanos has deleted some Activiti files

Estuve reflexionando sobre la llamada "decadencia de las redes sociales", y en general me parece más un problema de las redes sociales comerciales. El intento de crecer a toda costa y después esforzarse en monetizar como sea sin obviando el efecto en los usuarios ha creado una situación fuera de control, estropeando lo que en su origen fueron buenas ideas

Your password must contain:

At least one upper class character
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At least one character being punished by the gods
At least one character with a dark secret
At least one character who pilots a giant robot
At least one character torn by unrequited desire and self-reproach
At least one character from the Supplemental Outer Ideographic Plane
At least one space station
At least one instance of the string 'password'
At least one number

Felicidades hoy 25 de agosto a Linus Torvalds y a la comunidad por el núcleo Linux.
Hace ya 28 años de esto (Linus era un estudiante de 21 años) y a partir de ahí se cambiaron muchas cosas hasta hoy.

Soy incapaz de encontrar correlación entre los conceptos "mas anuncios" y "navegación más fluida"

Facebook estudia duplicar los anuncios de Instagram Stories para "proporcionar una experiencia de usuario más fluida"

PARANOIA: así suena el Complejo Alfa (por Daniel Cervantes) - una buena elección de música ambiental hace mucho thetapaderavineyard.blogspot.c

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