Well... ran my first session of Shadowrun tonight. It was only the classic Food Fight adventure, but still; holy crap.

I thought I was at least somewhat ready for it, as did one my players. Turns out we were both mostly wrong.

Shadowrun has an awful lot of fiddly little rules. Fun, but probably the most exhausted I’ve ever been after running a game.

Really missing the NHS right about now. Mild concussion and two-chipped teeth are something I can’t afford to deal with right now. Ah well.

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Support Tabletop Content Creators!

Here is a huge list of tabletop gaming content creators all looking for support!


Our second session of Dungeon of the Mad Mage today. Really enjoyed Dragon Heist, and am looking forward to delving deeper into this latest adventure.

Ran my first game of Shadow of the Demon Lord in a long, long time yesterday. Really enjoyed getting back into, what has to be, one of my favourite systems. Setting has some cool aspects to it, but I don't care about it anywhere near as much as I do about the system.

Getting ready to run my first Shadowrun game in a few weeks. I love the setting, but holy crap that's a lot of rules.

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Survived a hydra, insane Kuo-Toa and murderous duergar tonight as we continue to explore ancient and abandoned dwarven mines.

Whelp that’s done. We managed to wrap up our Dragon Heist game tonight. It didn’t take anywhere near as long as I thought. Still really enjoyed it. Looking forward to starting Dungeon of the Mad Mage at some point soon.

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Just got be the new Journey Away rpg, courtesy of @jskellogg ! If anybody wants to give it a look, I personally recommend checking it out!

Getting ready for the annual New Year's Eve roleplaying session with the wife. Starting a new campaign whilst I frantically come up with some story for her level 19 character.

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This is the OSR primer I lean on extensively. It’s in a very PbtA-ish style, which really resonates with me. lithyscaphe.blogspot.com/p/pri

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Christmas is over, the ‘rents very generously got me an Amazon gift voucher - in addition to the obligatory socks. Am I sensible and save it for an essential, or do I increase my RPG collection?

Not really much of a choice.

Begun my first tentative steps at building a world for my D&D group. I've only ever run in pre-established settings, usually adding my own flavour here and there to make it more what I want, but never completely from scratch.

Yes, it will likely be derivative, cliche, and likely no different from a dozen other settings, but it will be mine.

Wow. Really tough session of our Dragon Heist game tonight.

What, on paper at least, seemed to be quite easy encounters almost killed us all.

We’re now close enough to actually taste the <redacted>, and it’s getting tense.

It sounds like we actually might get a game in next week and here I thought we were done for the year.

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Campaign & demigod lore 

There's this major plot point in our campaign about demigods. The short version is that a being becomes a demigod when enough creatures worship it, but they also have the tendency to, uh, devour souls and become warped physically and mentally into whatever their worshipers view them as, causing them to transform into more exaggerated and heroic or monstrous forms. We had a hypothetical comment about "what if the party became demigods" and... I'm gonna draw it.

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LEGO Lord of the Rings game is free until December 22 at 10 am Pacific time on Humble Bundle: humblebundle.com/store/lego-th You can keep it if you redeem on time.

One more session of Dragon Heist before the new year tomorrow. Really impressed with this module.

I ran Tyranny of Dragons and whilst I enjoyed the overall story, there was some gaping holes in certain points and felt a lot less natural in some points in comparison.

Admittedly being a player rather then the DM has warped my perspective, but for content quality Waterdeep: Dragon Heist wins out between the two.

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Know a little markdown and want to make your DnD5E homebrew stuff look really cool?


This is a great tool.

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mhhh what's this feeling? why am i feeling antsy? am i hungry? sick? oh, no, i just want to play rpgs, don't i.

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