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I'm looking for someone who can design a card face and card back for an upcoming project. Paid gig.

Reply if interested, boost if not.


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I just published a new original game!

This one is a derivative of classic fantasy roleplaying, but approached from a different angle and meant to be played in a single sitting.

Check out the beta of Dungeon Grind here:

Boosts appreciated!

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Does anybody have experience publishing card-based products via DriveThruRPG? There's a game aid I'd like to publish but don't know enough about that process and would like to chat if somebody's willing.

(Boosts appreciated!)

Survived a hydra, insane Kuo-Toa and murderous duergar tonight as we continue to explore ancient and abandoned dwarven mines.

Whelp that’s done. We managed to wrap up our Dragon Heist game tonight. It didn’t take anywhere near as long as I thought. Still really enjoyed it. Looking forward to starting Dungeon of the Mad Mage at some point soon.

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In other news, my wife coined the term "grouch potato" when expressing her plans for the evening, and I'm pretty happy about this new addition to my vocabulary.

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Finally, after a late-December hiatus, I get to play again!

It's back to the Dragon Heist game, where my Aethermage has just reached 2nd level.

Super stoked!

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Just got be the new Journey Away rpg, courtesy of @jskellogg ! If anybody wants to give it a look, I personally recommend checking it out!

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My new , a non-challenge-based fantasy game called , will be live on DriveThruRPG very soon! (I've set up the product page, I'm just waiting for DTRPG's approval.)

The price for a digital copy is gonna be $14.99, but if you want a copy and can't afford that, let me know and I'll hook you up.

I'll post a link once it's live!

Getting ready for the annual New Year's Eve roleplaying session with the wife. Starting a new campaign whilst I frantically come up with some story for her level 19 character.

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I'm... I'm about to do it...

I'm just a bit of product page setup away from finally publishing ...

But I'm gonna wait until tomorrow to set that up, lest I make stupid mistakes due to late-night fatigue/nerves.

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After skipping a week due to the holidays, I'm back with a new about something fun and exciting coming up for me!

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I just got the semi-final layout draft for ! Looks really good at a glance, just need to go over it with a fine-toothed comb tomorrow, and I might just make my very first Kickstarter project release on time!

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Reminder: it's almost time for my monthly giveaway!

Bookmark the link below and check back for a custom-designed piece of content, or sign up as a patron to request what it is I'll be designing for you!

Deadline for making a request is 12/31, so if that's what you want to do, get on it!


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This is the OSR primer I lean on extensively. It’s in a very PbtA-ish style, which really resonates with me.

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I have a very strong urge to run a newbies-only game in the new year.

But it might require bowing out of one or more other games.

I want infinite time.

Christmas is over, the ‘rents very generously got me an Amazon gift voucher - in addition to the obligatory socks. Am I sensible and save it for an essential, or do I increase my RPG collection?

Not really much of a choice.

Begun my first tentative steps at building a world for my D&D group. I've only ever run in pre-established settings, usually adding my own flavour here and there to make it more what I want, but never completely from scratch.

Yes, it will likely be derivative, cliche, and likely no different from a dozen other settings, but it will be mine.

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