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We've been playing Dragon Heist, so I'm working on a laser cut Trollskull Manor. This is my forth prototype and some of the 3D printed details for it (still very much a wip). There are a couple of places that the scan layer didn't burn quite right, but I'll take it. Tomorrow I should have doors and windows installed.

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Today on my blog, I've posted the first in a series of gameplay summaries for the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist campaign I've recently started playing in.

Check it out!

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Oh hey, maybe I could use my blog to journal the sessions of the Dragon Heist game I just started playing in. That sounds fun!

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Lord Alliance Leader: Mission status?

Alliance Member: We sent our best assassins to kill that crew of adventurers.

Alliance Leader: And?

Alliance Member: The assassins were all killed.

Alliance Leader: Then send more.

Alliance Member: Great Idea!

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@anewbiegm The best way to play wild magic sorc is to use Tides of Chaos at every chance possible for maxed wild surge potential.

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@anewbiegm Fair point, our sorcerer wasn't best because he spent half the campaign as a six year old, it was because when he dropped a fog cloud and the smoke cleared, he was a giant floating screaming sheep that was glowing with a magnificent power.

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@anewbiegm Once my character Jelly gets finalized, I'll bet our sessions will be a lot more entertaining. I really am excited for future campaigns.

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@anewbiegm Wild Magic can literally turn you into a potted plant, which is utterly hysterical to imagine.

Great game of D&D tonight. Fought and killed a young white dragon terrorising a town.

In the process of clearing out the dragon's lair, the tabaxi sorceress has gone from being a formidable looking 25 year old magic-user, to the cute, and fluffy 11 year old she currently is now.

Wild Magic, not even once.

Just learned my mum used to play D&D at uni in the early 80s. All the years I’ve been RPing, and she casually informed me of it.

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I like how you can tell Stranger Things is fictional because they actually meet for Dungeons and Dragons every week

Birthday present from the parents arrived today, super excited. &D.

Trying to think of something funny and clever to say for my , I couldn’t. So here it is. I’m anewbiegm, also known as Matt. Tumblr refugee and procrastinator.

Been RPing for about 7 years now. Currently playing two D&D games - Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, and a vaguely Forgotten Realms home brew.

Just finished running the Tyranny of Dragons for my wife and we’re tying up some character arcs.

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It's very much looking like every PC in this party is going to have the same backstory: a hot young adventurer rolled into town, shagged your mom, and moved on; and then you joined the Harpers and discovered you have several half-siblings who also joined the Harpers.

The shorthand is "Kirkspawn".

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Hey newbies!

There are so many of you wonderful folks that I can't devote the time it would take to keep doing individual welcomes (sorry!), but I'm still really glad you're here! ❤️​

If you're into , then please enjoy this free electronic character sheet I made; think of it as a welcome present!

My door is always open, so to speak: feel free to @ me if you need anything, reply to any of my toots, etc. I'd love to hear from you! Don't be a stranger!

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Belated welcome to #tumblr artists who are moving here (and other people who came in hearing about this place :) ). Here are 10 tips if you are new here, in no particular order.

1. If you are new here #introductions / #introduction tags are a good way to introduce yourself (and makes it easy for others to recommend you and/or figure out if you want to follow them)

2. it is ok to ask questions and join conversations as long as you do it respectfully, a lot of us met new friends here.


Still stuck in the never-ending world building phase for a (not) upcoming Mythras game.

Might have to call the world Sisyphus, bit too on the nose though.

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