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New here, so I figure it's time for an .

Hi, I'm Chris. I do computer stuff to pay the bills and do yoga and play D&D 3.5 / Pathfinder 1st edition to alleviate the stress the former and that life in general entail. I like words and numbers and gaming, and fell in love with the Forgotten Realms as a teenager. Will be sharing campaign ideas / stories here among other gaming miscellany.

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What do you call a person who puts the milk in before the cereal on a consistent basis? 

A serial blasphemer.

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jared campbell badge 8470 SPD is the identified pig that pepper sprayed a child today

Balancing: Roll Acrobatics to traverse something narrow, at -2 if it’s taut or rigid (a ledge or a rail) or -5 if it’s slack (an ordinary rope). A pole helps balance – add +2 for a quarterstaff or a 6’ pole, +3 for a 10’ pole.

10' pole reference!

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Delvers often run into obstacles (literally, if they lack adequate light)

From the aforementioned dungeon structure PDF. I love little bits of dry humor like this interspersed in RPG books.

I am eminently willing to accept that this is a problem with me, personally (especially given all the mental health stuff I have going on...). It's the not knowing, the not being able to figure out the problem, that's maddening. Solving the problem isn't even on my mind at this point.

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I have asked this before and I've gotten useless answers like "make it fun" or "choose something that's fair" but silence when asked how to figure out what that would be. It doesn't help. It's not an answer, it's a response. It doesn't provide guidance or a suggestion I can do something with.

So I come to folks who have fun with this style of gaming to understand how your brains work.

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All right, folks. I have a question for you. , , other ruleslight fans: how do you adjudicate in a ruleslight system? How do you figure out how things work? Without the guidance of a lot of rules, how do you make decisions about how things work that are fair and fun? How do you inform those decisions? How do you play in such a system where you can't predict the likely outcomes of your actions by referencing the rules?

I can't figure this out but desperately want to.

It's minor, but it stands out, especially if your reader is configured (like mine) to put the document title in the window's titlebar.

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grmbl. Production values, folks. "POD DF1 .qxd" (with the space before the extension) is not a good document title for your PDF.

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lol I just heard the best anxiety-inducing fake-out that a game master could use:

"For a moment, nothing happens.......
Then nothing happens."

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Reminder that there is no such thing as a "suspicious person." Actions can be suspicious, but a person can't be. There is never a suspicious person in your neighborhood.

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lyrics joke 

trebeck: scottish poet robert burns compared this emotion to "a red, red rose." ... yes, haddaway?

haddaway: what is love

trebeck: correct, you have contr---

haddaway: baby don't hurt me

trebeck: ... uh, i didn't---

haddaway: don't hurt me

trebeck: haddaway?

haddaway: no more

trebeck: ...

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Seriously, though, RPG publishers, why don't you name your files sensibly? ABC9535.pdf doesn't mean anything to anyone outside of your warehouse and web store teams.

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Some thoughts on organizing RPG files for Unix nerds:

  • if you have files in a series with 10 or more entries, pad the values <10 with 0 so they sort (otherwise you get 1, 10, 11, 12, ..., 2, 20, etc.) and so shell globbing is effective
  • name all files in a series with a template, following the above advice, so they sort and so shell globbing is effective
  • complain to publishers to do the same thing with their files so you don't have to do it yourself

Just organized a bunch (several hundred) of RPG PDFs I've bought over the years from various publishers. It feels so nice to have everything in its place where I can find it easily.

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FYI #Keybase is integrated in #Mastodon, and there is currently no way to disable this integration. Here is a pull request that would allow admins to opt-out from keybase.

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