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New here, so I figure it's time for an .

Hi, I'm Chris. I do computer stuff to pay the bills and do yoga and play D&D 3.5 / Pathfinder 1st edition to alleviate the stress the former and that life in general entail. I like words and numbers and gaming, and fell in love with the Forgotten Realms as a teenager. Will be sharing campaign ideas / stories here among other gaming miscellany.

All right, #ttrpg nerds. I’m feeling inspired, maybe a little bored, but also creative. Hit me with your #DnD #Pathfinder arcane spells and I’ll try to craft a creative way to use them that’ll be either horrible, hilarious, or both.

See some earlier toots for inspiration.

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@anahata I have cast this repeatedly as a paranoid caster, on a moving ship. Makes sense to use it in other creative ways!!

Plane shift is another one of those open ended, shape reality to your whims kind of spells

But if you want real power within a tightly constrained box, prestidigitation. No really.

I haven’t even started with plane shift and similar; a teaser: a plane exactly like this one with plentiful gold but it’s not valuable and is considered a nuisance everyone wants to be rid of

The way I find these kinds of things is to read spell descriptions and note what they don’t say, what they omit. These omissions are your freedom of interpretation and the basis for creativity and ruining your opponent’s day.

I note that there’s nothing in the summon monster description about summoning a creature into an occupied space.

Or, y’know, contingency + cloudkill, or things like that. Or summon monster VI with a large fire elemental in the striker’s space. Hope you like fire?

If you fly at will: contingency: I’m struck in melee
Linked spell: teleport1, destination: somewhere very high up

It is reasonable to argue that the contact of being struck in melee counts as touching and thus being willing for the purposes of the spell.

1 linked spells can only be level 6 or lower, so you get to roll the dice with the teleport spell!

This one I’d need to use on an evil character, though, it’s just too brutal otherwise.

Once you have morality out of the way, though, lots of options are open to you.

My favorite of these combos that I’ve not had a chance to try yet: cloudkill + resilient sphere

When all the air you can breathe is cloudkill, you’re eventually going to fail that save. Remember, cloudkill does constitution damage, and requires a Fortitude save. The more saves you fail, the harder it gets for you to succeed.

There’s a term for this in gaming. It’s called a death spiral. It’s why I hate the way Shadowrun does damage. Get hit once and you’re fucked.

Sophie’s choice: black tentacles cast on the ceiling + reverse gravity

Fall and take falling damage or stay and take grappling damage

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Is there any good interactive educational resource to learn x86 Assembly, or any that doesn't throw too much info at you at once and takes it slow?

@Garrison Yes, exactly this. Something I read in the Pathfinder GameMastery Guide is to consider how magic will affect the mundane life of a setting. Magical plows, wells, and so on. The same goes for spells like web and the Hand spells; spellcasters spend their lives practicing this stuff, so it’s entirely reasonable to expect them to experiment like this.

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@anahata i try to let my players do anything that they can reasonably justify to me, but i cut it off at rules lawyering or interpretations of wording that clearly break the game. trying to strike that balance between flexible and fair.

Of course, this is most useful if your huge+ ally has very high speed.

Chances are, if they can make themselves that big, they can also increase their speed. If not, expeditious retreat.

More spell creativity: Per the spell description, Leomund’s Tiny Hut doesn’t move.

… but it doesn’t say anything about the surface on which you cast it moving. So, for example, if you have an ally who can increase their size to huge+, you can cast it on them. Instant magic (school) bus.

Just like everything else in a #ttrpg, the spell descriptions are guidelines, more of a suggestion, of what the spell can do. A good GM will let you alter and bend things to fit the situation. I’m happy to make a Spellcraft or similar skill check to determine whether my character understands how to modify the spell in that way in the heat of battle, though.

This is a big part of what separates TTRPGs from video games. Embrace it!

Other creative uses left as an exercise for the reader.

Today’s #DnD discovery: the rules for the Bigby’s Hand spells do not limit you to one at a time.

This means you can sandwich a hapless foe between two Hands, or extrude them like pasta through the fingers of one hand with the fist of another.

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@anahata @Xenni I don't run a lot of games, but I would never do one without a Session 0 any more. In large part, it's because the games I run (currently Invisible Sun and soon The Expanse) explicitly call on the PCs to have some connections with one another. But even systems that don't directly address those connections can benefit from them for generating story ideas. Players have great backstory ideas, but putting them together lets them shape their characters in unexpected and fun ways.

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