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Selfie(?), no eyecontact. Any other historical archers (or HEMA) out there? Namely, Players/GMs that take too much joy out of getting detailed with combat at the table and Nerdy Hypothetical Battles? Show more

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was here on @pigeonhawk . but, wanted to change handles. so, hi again. Couldn't find any local tabletop rpg spots that were very friendly to women, let alone a gay one (thanks, again, for the warm welcome!). My love for tabletop RPGs started with 5e, but I've taken to Avery Alder's work (real excited for Dream Askew/Apart), and D. Vinccent and Meguey Baker's. Am working on mildly-hacked Apocalypse World campaign inspired by Flame In The Flood (by Molasses Flood).

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The time has come!

Ever had your players unexpectedly talk to a background NPC who didn't have a name, or even a gender or species, and you had to bullshit them on the fly?

No more!

Check out the Deck of Many Names on Kickstarter!

(Boosts appreciated!)

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I launch Tuesday morning.

I've finally put everything in, including the video.

Can anybody tell me whether something needs addressing, or if this is the final draft before launch day?

Boosts super appreciated.

minor life update, head's up Show more

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artists and people: I have fleeces, from our farm's animals. We're offering blankets for $30 plus shipping and seconds for $15 plus shipping. Direct message me to discuss colors, details, etc. These are raw fleeces, wrapped up after shearing but not yet processed in any way.

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Meet 𝘎𝘳𝘰𝘮𝘪𝘢 𝘚𝘱𝘩𝘢𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘤𝘢, or Bahamian Gromia. It's a grape sized, (1.2 inch) single celled collusus of a protist that spends its days glacially slowly rolling across the ocean floor.

This gentle giant scoops up nutrients and other, smaller microbes by sending out pseudopods that also reach out in front of it and drag it along the seabed. They leave long trails behind them, and some fossilized remains of these trails go back nearly 1.2 billion years!

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Question to all , connoisseurs, and etc. How do you design your fashion? What research do you do or what general rules do you follow? Especially when developing less Euro-centric designs--those I can find in spades.

Sorry for so many hashtags but I want to cast a wide net for advice.

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i have the habit of passionately soap-boxing about things that would bore most people to tears

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created a world on world anvil & started with their current challenge Towers of Power! check it out 👇🏽​ Show more

Okay so whatever ick was upon me is now gone... actually gone. Knock on wood. Lemme get to replies, friends 💓

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Did I mention my brother is an insanely talented artist?

You can (and you should) check him out here:

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that good-aligned D&D feel when you have to google the Geneva convention cause you're pretty sure your party is trying to commit a war crime

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Remember this morning when I said I'd create a supplement today?

Fuggin diddit.

For all those times you flipped through the PHB saying, "Wait, how is there not a [farmer, doctor, etc] background in here?!"

I give you Working Stiffs, a background bundle:

ok so im in that sweetspot of "sick enough to have trouble functioning" but not quite "sick enough to convince other people I need a break from stuff"

will reply to folks when my brain pan and innards don't feel like it's trying to murder me 🤒​💓​

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Hey, so Art Sqool is a fucking Mood™️.

" 'Art Sqool' Is a Game About Following Your Dreams in an Exploitative World"

🍵 👀 Thanks, Waypoint.

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