never let anyone tell you that i am not a fool, as i've just done approximately 40 renown hearts in about 3 hours

all i have left is jahai (about 30 renown hearts by itself but they're very fast ones) and camping out on dragonfall

So I guess this is just Erelintra's thing now. First there was the (hopefully) repentant murderous werewolf that she sent to a temple for rehab, 4 fiends who are her children now, the hellhound conscripted to be a nanny dog for her fiend children, and now a runt displacer beast kitten. Literally when she rejoined the party with Zavkah they both just looked at her and said "Again?"

His name is Zavkah, and I will die for him



mental illness stuff below 

She's beauty, she's grace, you should zoom in on her face

Am I bringing too many dice for tomorrow's game? Probably. Do I care? No.

I am a magpie-sized dragon for dice and I require more always

Me: this is just a one shot do not over invest yourself in a long term project you cant follow through on

Also me: I hear you, but also I've already started coming up with the symbolism and also sidequests

Me, after dnd yesterday: "So not today since we just finished the session, but are you good with doing a mini session for what my character was doing during those 2 days?"
My dm: "Sure, sounds good!"

1 hour later

DM: "Okay, so we're gonna roll for initiative for this combat because why not."

15 minutes later:

Me: "I can't believe we're ruining this npc's life like this. I can't believe we're doing this him."

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indulgences were like christianity microtransactions

Using your dnd characters as way to examine and cope with your feelings and issues: nice

Accidentally making yourself cry at work because you accidentally punched yourself in the emotional gut with the narrative: whack

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Well, Erelintra woke up in someone's camel. When the party tracked her down the cleric cast remove curse so no more weretiger adventures in this universe. But I will be exploring the au where she stays a weretiger

Aaaaaaaand they just lost her. This is gonna be something

Just imagine the call they might have to make to her brother. "So your sister kind of turned into a tiger and ran off into the desert on her own."

Soooooooo my monk failed her wisdom save. She's full tiger shaped and running off to the desert

Mini is


Hard to hold

My fingers hurt and glues not dry yet

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