Confession time. I really want to work on designing this game I'm excited about but I have a nice new PC and No Man's Sky is just too engrossing rn.

@ajstichter No Man's Sky is so good. I've played through it twice on the xbox and had to convince myself not to download it on my switch to play a third time

@dnlnwmn I'm so sidetracked from the main storyline right now. I just quite enjoy the base building and exploring. It keeps my attention so well.

@ajstichter the main story is probably the least interesting part of the game, for sure

@ajstichter the first time i played i got really into learning the languages of the three races, actually. and then building cool stuff in my base. and then collecting all the ship types at S grade. the second time through i just really enjoyed the base building stuff and didn't really focus on much else.

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