I'll talk about character creation from sat later today, but I'll just say now i'm im LOVE with everyone's characters so far

dungeon world recap 

dungeon world recap 

dungeon world recap 

dungeon world recap 

My dungeon world game is tonight and I havent written down anything for my prep yet 😬

Everytime I post anything on this site I can't help but say "Toot!" out loud when I hit the button.

The more I read and look k to dungeon world the more excited I get about running it.....
I really hope my players (and i) like it this saturday

Old WIP i did a while back (never finished it because i realized too late that it was in the wrong size/dpi and it looked terrible zoomed in) of a lizardfolk storm sorcerer I made a while back. She was supposed to be a former sailor and carry around a huge belaying pin as a staff.
I really just wanted to make a lizardfolk based off of a marine iquana <_<
Haven't gotten to play her yet, but i love her concept and i hope i get to bring her out soon

Commissions Stuff, Boost If ya Don't Mind! 

talking to myself mostly, lol 

Hey people!
I'm going to be running a group soon for the first time, with some friends who've also never played it.
Anyone have any advice? I've been reading the rule book and everything, but i'm just curious about what people who have run and/or played it think.

These are some doodles from a few months ago of a character I played in a tabletop game my friend created.
She was essentially an animal telepath who had lost her voice, and used her twin brother (a telepath) and a crow in order to communicate. She also had a rat she was bonded with that she used to scout out places.

Hey guys!! I'm brand new to mastodon, so i'm still learning the ropes buuut...
I'm Sarah, a laborer, who sometimes does art.
I've been gming a homebrew 5e game with friends for a couple of years now, and been a player here and there for some years before that.
I play tons of video games other than that, mostly on PC, PS, and nintendo. Love RPGs and stupid phone games.
Looking forward to being in this community!! :D
Please enjoy this picture of my cat as a bonus.

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