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Hello everyone!
I am Ael or Lys. I am an artist who loves rpg games (pc and also DnD and the like), boardgames, everything creative and CATS.
I try to make comics in my free time. I love draw OC characters - specifically (dark) elves and mages.
I am a bit shy and introverted and I am also :heart_ace:
I'd love to meet new people and share some arts with you!

i would not normally stop here, but since it should have been just a quick sketch of a face, i call it finished now

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Moving to I hope it will work better for my arts.

next two cards, the flowers are about continuous prosperity and the snowy landscape with salt crystals is about hope and first step out of bad situation
#gouache #MastoArt #painting #cards

Dire times, dire measures.
I doubt a manul has an understanding of toilet paper, but hoards it either way because he saw others do it. Don't be like this 😄

#manul #pallascat #toiletpaper #humor #MastoArt #art #cat

I was commissioned to draw Hornet from #hollowknight by TeamCherryGames after the announcement of Silksong. Hollow Knight is one of my favorite games and I had great pleasure working on this!!! #mastoart

Sometimes you are so lovestruck that you can’t speak.
Sometimes even a letter fails.

Hiii… (voice cracks)

(please meet my sweet Ireen and the love of his life, Elenwen)

Starting up Commissions again now that things are a little less frantic! So here's a new and updated guide to my prices! If you're interested, DM me! Payment will be via PayPal. Please boost this and help a gal out!~ :sparkles_trans:

“The more domesticated “wolf spider” transfiguration affront to nature that Calleo made for Braxford". Small sketch commission for :) ✨

#art #mastoart #digitalart #spacelingart #lididkovsky

A new year is here, so I had to draw Dalmayr - one of my oldest OCs, but the one I sometimes still actively rp. (And who still actively plots some mischief!)

Most of the time I draw boys, so here you have a drow mage girl!
I want to draw much more this year... lets see how long will this resolution last!

Well, it's 2019 now.

Who wants the first batch of internet hugs?

(Feel free to boost; I've got lots!)

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