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Wanted to design a custom hunting horn for Kaui. Turns out he was actually a bard all along 😆​

I've based the concept off of a guqin :)

Hey! Do you want a character portrait for your character? Please consider commissioning me to help me fund my medical expenses! Send me a DM on Mastodon, Twitter, or an email through for information and pricing!

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My giant tiefling wizard, Kaui
He's a pretty chill dude... punintended 😆​

Selling this type of art for 45$ each!! HMU if you're interested in doing business. :thinkhappy:

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Over the garden wall... is apparently how you get to Hallownest?

I'm excited with how this turned out because these are two things I enjoy very much and sort of go together in a weird way. I've also never done a full color piece with a background so this was neat to figure out!

Finally done with exams, which means it’s time to work on art

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Apocalyptic dad squad for our next upcoming adventure 😄​ I'll fix up a proper picture once I get details of our other member hehe

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A sheet for my favorite npc from our campaign. :think_starry_eyes:​ I just love her so much aaaaa

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Commissions Stuff, Boost if ya Don't Mind 

So that's my commissions slots back open, I'll still be taking commissions for the next ten days before closing out my commissions for the year! So If you want a commission now is a good time to talk to me about it!~ :sparkles_trans:

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A couple of new Roll20 tokens for @Audie 's campaign 😃 These two had the most character appearance changes hehe

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Me and a good friend's chaotic bards. Let them forever meme together :thinkergunsunglasses:

@unscrappys i get back on here to see this
🔫 :thinkerguns:​ 🗡️
time to fight i guess

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Drew my tiefling during a sessionnn

But it's getting late and I should head for bed lol

hi I'm Atticus! I play in a MOTW campaign with @Audie and really love the system, learning to run it myself. I also occasionally DM/play DND5e when I have the time.
Professionally I'm an artist but I love to draw my tabletop characters when I have th chance so!! i cant wait to see everyone else's and post my own

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