Not sure if I've posted it here before, but I run a play-by-chat on a weekly basis via Discord. It is an OD&D/Delving Deeper open table. Next game is tonight & there's always room at the table. All the info:

@kensanata Nice! I've been on Arch on my desktop for a while so a little out of touch with debian-based distros as far as personal-use goes. It's a pity about that OpenMW though. :-)

@BenKramer Oh man, cool to see you here! Didn't realize we shared ttrpgs as well as Shakespeare. We'd better game some time. :)

@kensanata @lskh And just in case there's not enough duplication of effort already, I'm working on one in PHP: 😜

@kensanata Well that's a bummer! I'm on arch and somebody's packaged it, so it was quite easy for me. I do note there's a debian package! I haven't needed to try the flatpak. Regarding the game files, I bought a copy through (DRM-free), I think for $15.

@kensanata @Alamantus There's also an open-source reimplementation of the morrowind engine available. Works very nicely as far as I'm concerned!

@lskh @gunnar @kensanata Just an aside: I use Ramanan S's random generator to get the data out of those Necropraxis charts. Literally: `curl Makes rolling up new character easy easy!

@gunnar @lskh @kensanata I used those Hill Cantons character creation rules for a Basic Fantasy game, I think. Great resource.

@kensanata Don't know if I've mentioned how much I *love* these spellcasters you've been working on! Consider it mentioned. The idea seems simple ("wizards with unique spell sets") but they are so incredibly evocative in practice, and clearly deeply tied to your setting. Thanks for sharing them.

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hmmm nope don't like how "creator burnout" has been reframed into a personal failing due to lack of self-care, rather than a horrifying consequence of late-stage capitalism and the gig economy

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