Support trans authors!

My book of an enby wizard surviving a stroke and dealing with the loss of xeir magic while helping out others in dire circumstances is a good way to do so!

✔️Survivors of illness and abuse living well
✔️No magical dismissal of disability
✔️Cool enbies being cool
✔️Full content warnings

Itch gives me the best cut so preferably there but it's also available on kindle or in paperback from Amazon if you want it that way!​

@ackthrice Oh this was you! I had the sample on my reader for a while before I read it and bought the book, I look forward to reading the whole thing :) The sample PDF was densely formatted and I found it kind of hard to read, though, I think it would be great if you offered an Epub sample as well.

@ljwrites That is a good point, I will try to update it at some point

@ackthrice friendly dead people you say


yes thank you i want this

@ackthrice aaaaaa this sounds great, adding to the pile

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