Mutual aid (financial) request 

Hi all, hate to do this, especially this time of year but SAD, brain worms, and lack of sick pay at work is kicking my ass, so any help would be appreciated.

Buy my books (kindle royalties take 3 months to clear so itch is preferred!) if you want something back for your donation:

Mutual aid (financial) request 

@ackthrice I'm loving the book! Very engrossing.

Mutual aid (financial) request 

@asparagi Oh, I'm so glad!

Mutual aid (financial) request 

@asparagi Also, I see from your toots you use a screen reader, I tried to make the epub optimal for them, but if there's anything I can improve, please let me know!

Mutual aid (financial) request 

@ackthrice I'm pretty new at using screen readers, and honestly I would still suspect operator error if anything went wrong! But so far, Librera Pro on Android is doing fine. I'll definitely ping if I run into any trouble.

Hey folks, yall should buy this fantastic persons (@ackthrice) book and help out a little if ya can.

Fantastic indie product that really helped me come to terms with and accept my disability! Highly recommend!

(Also like donate cus i cant if you can it would be cool)

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