It's finally here! My cycle of 6 short stories about a mage's journey of recovery and acceptance after xe has a stroke.

Available for only £5!
Boosts welcomed!

@ackthrice omg omg omg so down to read this! Ill have to wait until i have funds available for online things, but 1000% bookmarked.

Indie author writing about disability and using neopronouns? Fucking. Sign. Me. Up.

@ackthrice omgomgomg i just finished the first story! So in love with this so far!

Completely unchallenged and respected neopronouns? Yet more writing making me wanna try out xe/xir or xe/xem instead of ve/ver

10/10 recommend so far!

@eclectic Thank you for your kind words 😍

Yeah the neopronouns are more or less never discussed, Lexie is enby but the story isn't about xem being enby if that makes sense?

@ackthrice 1000% and it makes it better! I am so loving a book that isnt centered around gender or analogies for gender <3

Im also in love with the way that disability and trauma are respected and not trivialized or given "broken puppy syndrome."

Like love love love

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