Hello all, I'm Adrian! I've been wanting a space to ramble about tabletop with others and big social media sites scare me so here I am!

I'm known for running way too many campaigns at once (mostly DnD 5e but I'm branching out) and writing far more lore than is necessary for all of them.

I also do a lot of homebrewing and stuff, so I'll probably post about that too! My current main project is a Blades in the Dark campaign themed around the game Cultist Simulator!

@true_myths That sounds like an amazing set up for a game, I love cultist simulator! Please keep me updated!

@ackthrice Will do! The session 0 was Sunday, and we're playing biweekly so I'll drop an update after the next session!

The premise is that the characters' leader is attempting to ascend into the mansus, and they are the ones going on expeditions to get the needed resources.

I let them design a patron Hour, and told them I'd adapt it into the setting so now I get to fit a giant, aloof cat god into the pantheon which should be fun


@true_myths Sounds amazing, i may have to steal this idea wholesale for my next campaign

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