Doing warhammer inspired stuff may be a cheap way to get followers on thingiverse but it sure works...

@ackthrice what's your thingiverse ID? i def need to follow you. lol

@ackthrice thanks. those are some really impressive designs!


Thanks that's kind of you to say. I hadn't really thought about it tbh, I still feel like my skill level is really low. What sort of thing did you have in mind?

@ackthrice it's kind of an odd request. i have a friend who has a desire for a dice tower designed after the ghostbusters firehouse

@Garrison Buildings are right in my comfort zone to be fair. I'm not confident enough in my skills to say 'Yes I can deliver this, give me some money' but I'll have a play over the next couple of days and get back to you if it looks feasible?

@ackthrice i don't want to take any of your time for free, but if you're ok with that?

@Garrison Yeah its ok, its a hobby thing for me and I'd rather not be tied into something and realise half way through I can't follow up. If it's something you want immediately I'm not your best choice but if I can then once I've worked it out I'll shoot you a rough price based on how long I think it will take

@ackthrice there's absolutely no time crunch, he asked me if i could print him one nearly a year ago probably, i told him that i couldn't find an available design and he'd probably have to commission one, and i don't think he ever followed up on that. i was jut curious because it would be fun to surprise him with it at some nonspecific point in the future.

@Garrison hey, so I've been having a play and I think it's probably something I can do, I've started sketching out the basic architecture and can definitely see how I could make it into a dice tower. Would probably be a decent few hours work so looking at around £25? For just the model, maybe £35 if you want it in pieces and all scaled and ready to print rather than just the model. An extra £5 to either price if you want the brick bits textured because that will be extra tedious

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