Last time I post about this so as not to continually spam my instance but just want to give it one more chance on the federated timeline.

We're starting a writers group for people to motivate and critique each others work, loosely organised around meeting every couple of weeks and chatting between times. Any type of writing and any experience welcome. DM me and I can give you links!

@ackthrice online or is this local only? I'm in Ireland and would be interested

Online! We use matrix to chat and framapad ro share docs so if you let me know your usernames for bothI can add you in

Idea is about every 2 weeks or so, eveeyone who wants to uploads whatever theyre working on and we read it and chat about it

@ackthrice rae0749 on matrix! Haven't joined framapad so will do that at home!

@ackthrice please spam until you have the best motivation group you can ever dream of

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