Me: Im getting into gardening lately

Colleague: You can make a lot of money landscaping you know

Me: No I mean like fruit and veg

C: Ah to sell?

Me: No for me and to give away to my neighbours

C: So how are you making money from it?

Me: No, its a hobby and a way to provide for people

C: Yeah but you should really be thinking how to monetise it

Me: I dont think I can continue to talk to you anymore

@ackthrice right but have you considered turning your passion into a joyless obligation that you depend on until you resent having to do it?

@ackthrice having done the monetization, I feel lucky that I can tell people that I've tried it and alwaus get sad.

@ackthrice Imagine being such a goddamn capitalist you can't even be neighborly. Ironicially, there's nothing more anti-american than that.

While we're not American and have no particular desire not to be anti-american I appreciate your point

@ackthrice Just ask "Why so venal?"
Short-circuit their conservative nonsense with an older version that condemns seeking profit.

@ackthrice and by anymore, do you, per chance, mean, ever again?


No need for money if you just demand their first-born child in exchange for prime produce or something. I think there was an obscure legend about that once. ;)

@ackthrice you should think about how to monetize talking to that person, they should be paying you for the time spent

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