This is my I guess. Been on masto for about 18 months or so, found myself tooting most about tabletop stuff so here I am.

I am forever jumping from one thing to another so dont expect much in the way of consistency from me.

Currently working on:
An RPG based on the Jungle Book
A semi-portable solo kit for 6mm Impetus
Voice acting
Writing short spec fic stories

@ackthrice Officially welcome to the table, then :)

What's the expected audience for the Jungle Book RPG?

@Yoric its a relatively simple Fate conversion, focused around tribe dynamics and the interactions between different species and their relationship to humans. Trying to capture the spirit of the books.

The intended audience is essentially me as it was just an interesting idea that wouldn't leave alone. Tbh in my local community I've found noone with any interest in the setting. Its not a commercial venture, when I finish writing it up I'll probably put it somewhere pwyw and that will be that.

@ackthrice is really good at this category of "interesting idea[s] that wouldn't leave alone" :)

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