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This is my I guess. Been on masto for about 18 months or so, found myself tooting most about tabletop stuff so here I am.

I am forever jumping from one thing to another so dont expect much in the way of consistency from me.

Currently working on:
An RPG based on the Jungle Book
A semi-portable solo kit for 6mm Impetus
Voice acting
Writing short spec fic stories

Long time followers (by which I mean on my old account) may remember I have a slight obsession with the idea of a wasp who is a tattoo artist so I decided to try modelling a 3d version:

Today's #writing realisation: Epistolary novels are the spiritual ancestors of found footage movies

Not selfie but pictures of me, eye contact, new dress 

I got given a thing and here is me trying it out!

So I know I'm late to the party but Monster Hunter World lets you play a woman with facial hair and I didnt onow that until I booted it up and it made my little queer heart explode...

Crazy ex girlfriend's Ping Pong girl gives me such a strong nostalgia for the weird ska-punk I grew up with.

Weirdly mostly god-botherers rather than sport-bros in my case but the style is bang on. MxPx and Five Iron Frenzy as well as the more obvious Bowling For Soup, blink182 etc.. Hmm weirdly specific nostalgia I didnt really realise I had.

First dark heresy session went great, sorted characters mostly before hand so we could dive straight into gameplay this time. Took a bit of cajoling to get the group to warm up and be proactive rather than just waiting for adventure-game prompts from me but a couple of them aren't regular roleplayers and its a new system to all of them so understandable. Did some rping and some combat and only got through like a 3rd of the content I had prepped so plenty of mileage left. A good return to gming!

Nurses in Philly are saying fuck it we're reopening Hahnemann Hospital for patients whether we have your permission or not! This hospital was bought by investor Joel Freedman and shut down to be turned into condos. When the city wanted to re-open it for the pandemic he tried to charge $1m in rent so the city just gave up. It's been a huge point of contention in Philly for a while.


Getting to run a Dark Heresy game on monday, fingers crossed the start of an ongoing campaign. Haven't played it in years and never run it before but the group is one I've played with loads over the years so hoping the mental health issues that have been torpedoing all my gaming efforts this year will relax a bit. Looking forward to it anyway

New model, currently printing, though I think some of the sticky-out bits will be too delicate. Very pleased with how this has turned out though. Next thing will (probably) not be a motorbike...

Designed in Blender

@thufie The Nordic model is slowly but certainly eroding the power of unions over decades by making them more and more centralised and bureaucratic while simultaneously aligning them closer and closer to the increasingly neoliberal social democratic parties, thus making them quietly accept almost every single regression of worker protection and social services presented under the guise of "the politics of necessity" without as much as a peep.

As a side-note. These monocycles were a real thing in the 1930s and they look amazing! They show up a lot in scifi but often have massive chunky wheels which just make me think 'How do you see where you're going?' Hence the cameras above the headlight and the monitors (one for driving and one as a dashboard)

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New model, currently printing, though I think some of the sticky-out bits will be too delicate. Very pleased with how this has turned out though. Next thing will (probably) not be a motorbike...

Designed in Blender

As someone who spends the biggest part of their activism doing care work, I wish people who wrote those 'kindness is rebellion' type posts would
- stop contrasting themselves with people who do the necessary work of actual rebellion. If you're passive aggressively shitting on the people risking their lives to fight the cops, you're not kind.
- get over that savior complex that's dripping off every tweet
- learn the SKILLS that care work requires. Being nice to people won't cut it.

did a video analysis of Brooklyn 99

pls do some comments on the video and some sharing if you feel like ^^

Been continuing to work on my Blender skills. Not bothering with texturing at the moment, as I'm primarily interested in design for 3D printing. Maybe at some point.

Everyone saying that pride month was cancelled, but it actually feels like the most genuine pride month in a long time.
No corporate floats or rainbow branding. Just people angry and pushing to change the world.

The Philippine government and/or their supporters are making dummy accounts with dissenters' names and using them to incite violence against the state so they could be charged under the country's impending amendments to the Anti-Terror Bill.

The bill passed the house, and is about to be signed into law by the president. If signed into law, this allows the state and law enforcement to charge people in a flippant disregard of existing free speech laws.

Please pass this on.



The police kneeling with and hugging protesters is like when your abusive boyfriend brings you flowers after hurting you. when he makes a grand gesture of love in front of your friends. It’s to pressure you into forgiveness, it’s manipulation, it’s abuse. Don’t fall for it.


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