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This is my I guess. Been on masto for about 18 months or so, found myself tooting most about tabletop stuff so here I am.

I am forever jumping from one thing to another so dont expect much in the way of consistency from me.

Currently working on:
An RPG based on the Jungle Book
A semi-portable solo kit for 6mm Impetus
Voice acting
Writing short spec fic stories

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I think that I could do with a new eBook reader. Is there a non-Kindle device that I should consider?

I need it to be able to do the following:
* Have a backlight
* Have an E-paper screen
* Ability to read PDF's
* Have some sort of highlighting. Bonus points if I can just draw highlighting on the screen with a finger or a stylus and if I can search or list all the passages that I've highlighted so that I can stick them into Anki for textbooks and that.

Any recommendations?

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Very unpopular opinion 

I love it when you call me senorita
Confirm my gender every time I meet ya

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anyway the real reason no post-lotr series has had its impact is because the genre as it exists established itself by retracing tolkien's synthesis of germanic sagas and catholicism — nothing that doesn't break that mould can have an impact greater than the original, and anything that does will fall outside the commercially viable genre boundaries

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I have a few adventurer minis with oversized weapons painted now, maybe I'll have to see if there is a dark souls styled rpg to run them in someday...

Two of the minis I've been working on between shifts over the last few days. Quite pleased with these, esp with the Ork warboss.

My favourite part of 'Across the Zodiac' is that the main character builds a space craft and while openly aware that there is a limited supply of air (despite the plants and such) he still insists on smoking albeit a smaller cigar than usual to account for it. It's amazing.

Nurses as a class are heroes but the one specific nurse I was allocated to today was fucking useless and just makes life worse for the hcas and for the patients. Like just help, just because you're paid more you're not a fucking overseer, do stuff!

Can people stop making the same 5 #DnD #podcasts? Do something fun, branch out.

Call me uncultured but I really don't get why people hate Big the Cat

i wish mastodon had a "yep ive seen this post boosted onto my tl four times now, it is a good post but please never show it to me again" button

Since I asked for a postponement due to not being able to find a union rep, work has backpedalled and said it was only ever an Informal meeting to find out about my sickness. That is definitely NOT the wording they used in the original letter but regardless, if it is Informal (i.e. no notetaker and no companion), no action can be taken against me as a result so that's something.

Request for help from trade unionists in Bristol uk, boost please 

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