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Reminder that if you want to support me and the cards I have been working on, and see all the ones I've completed so far you can at ko-fi:
All supporters can see them, doesn't have to be recurring.

I am also taking commissions for pixel art avatars!

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It's finally here! My cycle of 6 short stories about a mage's journey of recovery and acceptance after xe has a stroke.

Available for only £5!
Boosts welcomed!

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Reposting my pinned . Been on masto for about 2 years or so, found myself tooting most about tabletop stuff so here I am.

I am forever jumping from one thing to another so dont expect much in the way of consistency from me.

Currently working on:
Improving my skills in Blender 3d
(See my thingiverse link in my profile)
Various mini printing and painting projects
Writing short spec fic stories


I am so sick sick of seeing toots related to web3, NFTs, etc. in my home feed.
This is such a good place for sharing important stuff, like your personal projects or sharing something you admire to others. I want to keep it that way. Sharing the 45th article about why a thing sucks is not helping the community.

Not to say there aren't criticisms to be made of tik tok and its culture but this guys vibe is very much 'young people are having their brains rotted by degeneracy' stuff

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Commissions are open for pixel art stuff! Starting from £5 for a simple avatar up to complex pieces/banners etc. All commissioned art is CCBY so you can use it how you like with credit.

I can also do box modeling for 3d printing buildings etc as well, but contact me direct as prices vary a lot more, starting from about £30

Boosts appreciated!

When there's wordle for Toki Pona I'll play it, until then please keep it

looking at Netflix's list of "Movies based on Books" makes me really happy that i can't read.

Been playing Senet semi-regularly with my partner recently. I keep losing but I tell myself it's a game of chance anyway 😂

if something is free after reimbursement that means poor people can’t have it

@ackthrice big talk for someone who comes from a country who’s greatest culinary achievement is fried white fish drowned in malt vinegar.

No, you misheard me, I said I trade cryptid currency. Scales of a mothman's wings, bigfoot hair, that kind of thing.

Does anyone actually think oreos are good or is it just a meme?

Is it possible to set up a mastodon instance and have all other instances blocked?

I'd be interested in setting something up that my kid could use and invite friends and peers to that could be collectively moderated by the parents.

hey hey i just attended a virtual talk about applying lessons learned from the hiv epidemic to covid as part of my job. i’m gonna share some notes i took in an unlisted cwed thread if you want them.

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