Howdy, I’m an old ass millennial. I started playing tabletop RPGs when I was a preteen and have been playing off and on since then. I am recently getting back into the hobby and I’ve been spending a lot of time pouring over the details of 5e (which I like a lot!) I am running a 1:1 game right now for my wife which has been a really interesting experience. I anticipate I am going to talk about that a lot and also general musings about how gaming shaped my life

@Z Hello. I'm near the oldest possible Gen-X, born only two months after the Boomers stopped being a thing in demographics.

Welcome to the fediverse?

@zdl howdy, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve been around the fediverse for a little while. My main account is @z, but I created this account specifically to be a D&D account because hyperfocus.

@Yoric howdy, the campaign is sort of broken into two parts. The first part was set in something of an amalgam of stuff I guessed about Ebberon from the art, things from Forgotten Realms that got sort of sucked into the intake line when I was using Rise of Tiamat, and a lot of vibes from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series. Now, in the second part, the party is stuck in The Domains of Dread from Van Ricten’s Guide to Ravenloft. I’m an ADHD disaster so it’s all over the place TBH.

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