For an upcoming ttrpg session, I'm looking for an existing story that isn't a horror story per se but could be turned into one by turning up a few knobs.

For instance, the Big Bad Wolf, Dr. Moriarty or any modern dictator could easily be used as horror villains, but they're all a bit too cliché for my tastes.

Any suggestions?

@Sarklor Unfortunately, the DPO's job is probably to serve as buffer and be really, really annoyed so that the rest of Twitter can continue making money with your brain and data.

Job posting valid as of 23 July 2021:
Customer communications manager, healthcare IT company, based in Nashville but remote-first. DM me for details.

@sireebob I'm using a Fairphone with /e/ (a fork of a fork of Android). All the applications I need are available, with the exception of my banking app. Also, it's provided with a screwdriver :)

So far, I'm rather happy.

re: 2. Unions (and organising groups) cannot expect their communities to support them if they're not supporting their communities. (Yet, this is a bit too common.) 

@whatanerd Semi-anecdotally, that is how some extremist/violent Muslim organizations got their footholds in many poorer communities across the world: by being helpful towards these communities. I seem to remember that Nazis did that, too.

If the bad guys can do it, so should the good ones :)

2. Unions (and organising groups) cannot expect their communities to support them if they're not supporting their communities. (Yet, this is a bit too common.) 

It's telling that the lessons people take from labour history aren't the more mundane ones about building communities; they pay attention to protest tactics and forget *community organising*.

So here's a relatively recent example:

If your strike is going to *hurt* your community, you need to mitigate that. The West Virginia Teachers Strike a few years back recognised this. They *learned* (because a lot of teachers weren't aware) that some of the kids in their community would go hungry if teachers went on strike (because they couldn't access the breakfast/lunch at school).

What did some of these teachers do? They took food to those families, ensuring they didn't go hungry.

This kind of work needs to happen *more often*. Not only does it enable longer and more effective strike action, but it *helps the community support you* because you're thinking of them.

I don't see this very often, and we need more of it.

RT @BeckyAnnison
My friend is starting a project and looking for contributors - this is a paid gig for feminist makers and writers.

Please share and reply to the survey if you feel up for it! She'd love to hear from you.

@paulczege Yeah, some of us live and try to sleep with the threat of extinction (or at least civilisational collapse).

It must feel good being able to ignore it.

@paulczege Definitely. Mine keeps telling me that I am and I'm sure it's a compliment, somehow.

@TQ To illustrate how Fate scales: I don't think that there would be any difficulty to create a party grouping Dracula, Peter Rabbit, Marie Curie and Superman. The mechanisms would even ensure that, as long as the players can narrate, they are somehow balanced in a confrontation.

But if all you have as concept is "a warrior", you may be stuck quickly. I personally use a tarot-style improve deck when I lack inspiration and find it helpful :)

@TQ Good part 1: there are basically 6-7 rules, highly generic, so once you know them, you can do everything without supplements.

Good part 2: when a player knows what character they want to create, what action they want to do, no matter how weird, the game will let them, without having to come up with a supplement.

Bad part: if they don't know what they want, these quasi-zen rules don't help at all. "I hit" or "I run" doesn't work. You have to describe how and why and your success.

@TQ I'm currently primarily a Fate GM. I enjoy that system a lot!

Inspiring. Larp for a better future.
RT @PositiveNewsUK
Vote for your great-grandchildren, back justice for all generations, and reframe what people are capable of doing: five ways to be a better ancestor

Turning the movie Infinite into a TTRPG 

Just watched _Infinite_. Didn't like it. The ending situation sounds like a good setting for a TTRPG, though.

Our world. ~500 people have perfect memory of all their past lives. Among them, ~200 were trapped desincarnated for up to 40 years by the Enemy.

13 years ago, the Enemy was beaten and captives were all reborn. They're now teenagers with mad skillz. Now that the Enemy is gone, old enmities can return. Also, who's who?

Kinda kung-fu Nephilim.

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