Hey everyone, there are some names and words I've made up for _The Parable of the Hunter_, a ttrpg of post-industrial horror on which I'm working. I'm interested in feedback!

- an Accursery: a supernatural phenomenon that turns communities into something... evil;
- the Despair: the cause of Accurseries, itself caused by a community having outcasts, scapegoats and not taking care of their own;
- Accursery Eaters: the Player Characters, cursed to hunt Accurseries;


- Horrors: the lynchpin of an Accursery, a human being who fell to Despair and was turned into something inhuman;
- the Ember Treaty/the Ember Chambers: the treaty and its implementation, something between a lay Inquisition and a Interpol with full powers and no technology, dedicated preventing Accurseries, hunting down Horrors and controlling the population of Curse Eaters;
- a Familiarch: the absolute leader of an extended family.

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