Good evening everyone,
Just a little from lil ol' me.

I've been playing since the 80's, 35+ years forever DM/GM, but currently running a pathfinder2e campaign as well as a Call of Cthulhu game. Also love board games, puzzles, alternate reality games and enjoy the odd PC adventure game occasionally.

I have just started to learn the game of Go/Wei Qi/Baduk ... and I'm pretty bad at it 😅​

Nice little community you have here and looking forward to taking part!

@th3heal3r Welcome to the table!

I never managed to get into DnD/Pathfinder or CoC, but I'm pretty sure that there are people around the table of the opposite persuasion :)

What kind of ARGs do you do?

@Yoric I used to run an ARG during freshers week in Uni when I worked there ... get the new students aquainted with a little local and campus history and mysteries 😆​

These days I'm more of a follower/player into the cryto puzzle side of things.


@th3heal3r That sounds great!
I had never heard of people GMing ARGs! How do you create one?

@Yoric Think of it like a glorified treasure hunt with clues leading to various locations interwoven with interactive fiction.

We had a good team (including some drama student seniors who were fantastic in their roles) and some great puzzle & cypher creators.

I guess this works similarly in practice to escape rooms, but not necessarily fixed in one location? Those things have exploded in popularity over the last few years here (which I love), dont know how much traction they have elsewhere

@ackthrice @Yoric Pretty much, though we'd drop clues on twitter every couple of days .... and maybe hints if players were having trouble.

So for example they had to get into a locker ... there clue was a string of numbers that turned out to be co-ordinates of a statue in town ... the year date on the plaque being the combination to the locker ... which then needed a black light to see what was written on the inside of the door ... all interwoven with a cllassic Spy story.

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