Hey tabletop! I'm messing with an idea. It's a service called "Multi User Story Engine", or MUSE!

It's meant to help people make stories together!

You can see my notes on the idea here

I'm starting it off purely as telnet, but looking into ways to make it work with a web interface and possibly federalized programs.

You can see my progress and source code here. It's MIT license so feel free to fork it for your own purposes.

@minty_cream Wow, Telnet? I hadn't seen a telnet service in... er... 20 years or so?

@Yoric mud and mushing community is still going strong! Heck, pennmush officially added web sockets a few weeks ago.


@minty_cream Really? That's cool!

I wonder if AmberMUD still exists 👴 🤴

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