Mmmhh.... wondering whether I should buy (currently on sale at $10) for prototyping purposes...

On the other hand, I'm prototyping a , so all I need is a few and .

@Yoric I am a total fan of analogue prototyping.

In my opinion it is almost always faster and more productive to prototype just with bricks or, as you said, lego. Especially if the final game is lego boardgame :D

I only prefer digital prototypes when a lot of calculation is involved (e.g. when balancing battle simulations) or if it is a fast paced digital game which is difficult to simulate in meat space.

@phoenix Well, the benefit would be the ability to remote-prototype with someone in another country.

But yeah, I should have some time tomorrow. Let's hope that the home reserve of Lego is sufficiently well-provisioned because I need ~150 pieces, including 49 gray tiles and 48 4x4 plates :)

@Yoric Remote-prototyping with some further away would of course be a benefit of a digital tool, I agree on that.

A year ago I was quite tempted to buy a huge box of gray lego for "grayboxing" levels. But that stuff is really expensive and so I did stick to to colored bricks.

Wish you fun with prototyping tomorrow :)

@phoenix Yeah, I'm surprised there are no cheap huge boxes of off-brand lego for this kind of things.

Maybe it's too expensive to produce?

@Yoric Yeah, I guess it is not that easy to copy lego without infringing any copyright and still having it work as nice as to original

@Yoric atm I am mostly designing dungeons and sometimes also open world landscapes for a mmorpg

@Yoric I am prototyping them in lego sometimes.We have a tile/grid system in our game and it has the same size ratio as lego blocks, so it works quite well to block out layouts with it in prototype phases.

@phoenix I know a kid who will be interested in learning that some grownups use Lego at work :)

@Yoric tabletop simulator is pretty good for playing board games remotely. I'm not sure about the prototyping, but if you're going to remotely play boardgames with your friends who also have it, I'd suggest it.

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