Every time I think up a title, label or term for a game, I run it through the search engines to make sure it doesn't have an existing use. About two-thirds of the time I end up having to drop it because turns out:

* Its already the name of an obscure online company.
* It's already being used in another game, usually for a similar concept.
* It's the brand of a freelance graphic designer.
* It's the performing name of DJ, porn star or eclectic dance troupe.

Lots of competition for punchy titles

@Yoric They'e aiming for the same intersection of short but colorful, usually with extra connotations of dramatic action. The specific recent example was "Raven Swift" for an important Setting Character, which got a hit on IMDB.


@E_T_Smith Funny :)

For some reason, my "The Plotonomicon", "Ronin Time Bureaucrats" or "N-Dimensional Tourists" didn't seem to collide with the world of porn :)

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