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State of the web 

You may have heard that is officially switching to a based on 's .

This means that, within a few months, for most users, Google will be in a position where they can decide what you can see on the web, how you can pay, and on which devices. Also, they already know who you are.

is now the last browser standing attempting to prevent this . Please try it. Please help your friends and family and coworkers try it.

Please Boost.

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By the way, always in or around , :)

Will role-play/GM in French or English.

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Time for an . Hi, I'm a guy/he from France. As a hobby, I'm
a Role-player (mostly GM), Storyteller, Improv actor. Also, GM-ing for children.

I'm quite on the narrative side.

I have recently published my first DriveThruRPG product and I'm working on two more. More self-promotion later :)

Remember, if you have been working from home and your work decides that they have to end that and you don't want to, make sure to frame everything in terms of them changing the relationship. Not 'I am not willing to come work in the office', it is 'I am saddened by your unwillingness to work with me in a reasonable way.'

Always put the responsibility/blame on them. They are making a change and it is their responsibility to deal with any problems from it. Don't let them pretend otherwise.

Alright, I've started my 1:1 campaign for my kid based on / !

Except my kid want it it to take place in a Space Communist Utopia, so it's Percy Jackson aboard the Enterprise, in spaaaaaace!

This is an extremely solid creator manifesto.
RT @HooklandGuide
@neilhimself @pennypyro One of the best lessons I have learnt is always assume the audience is smarter than you.

I own too many PDFs that I just can't enjoy reading on a screen. I have recently attempted to get one printed with Lulu.

It takes about 15 minutes of work (essentially to design the covers and the back), the quality is really good (note for self: next time, add bleed manually), it's about 2x-3x cheaper than ordering a hardcopy, delivery was actually 2x faster than ordering from DriveThru (might be slower than Amazon, but I'm not buying from them).

I'll reproduce the experiment!

I just realized that:
- I'm a fan of ;
- my kid is a fan of ;
- my kid enjoys a simple ;
- I don't own yet.

One of these established facts needs to change.

I'm currently working on the Gameplay of .

I'm down to:
- 5 Player Moves;
- 7 GM Moves.

Unless I'm missing something, these 12 Moves should be sufficient to cover everything during Gameplay, including improving/modifying your (godlike) character, recovering from wounds and curses, resurrecting thought-to-be-dead antagonists, etc.

It's a pretty interesting exercise in minimalism!

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I'm making pretty good progress on my of petty immortals, .

A first draft of Chapter I (creating the setting and the characters) is online: .

Feedback welcome!

I'm trying to find a specific Indian movie, and can't remember the title. A respected older actor plays a former gang boss who's released from prison after many years, and returns home, only to find that his old life just will not let him go. The poster features this man, iron grey hair, business suit with the shirt collar open a button to show off the gold chain he's wearing, standing in front of a skyscraper window with the city at night visible behind him. Circa 2015. That's all I got. Help?

…and a growing compilation of orgs who deleted their posts when they saw they were being called out by the pay gap bot:

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RT @BasiliskOnline
Looking to get a new ttrpg? choose someone from the indie sphere whos work you like a lot, and then go and buy one of their older games that you haven't yet.

Getting more support for older games could really help relieve the pressure of having to constantly be creating.

So, you may already have seen it, but there are currently two bundles on Itch whose proceedings go to Ukraine:

- ( => Canadian Red Cross, Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal)
- (, => International Medical Corps, Voices of Children).

Proud to be (a very small) part of one of them.

i need more mathematician friends on mastodon. can you boost this for visibility, please?

So, I have written a new tentatively called Divine Comedians. It's a very game for playing petty immortals.

I'm cleaning up my notes and putting it online on World Anvil progressively. I'm very interested in feedback!

My latest ruleset relies heavily upon Relationship maps, which are basically labelled graphs that also happen to have columns (representing to which part of the setting a NPC belongs).

Does anyone know of a good tool to draw these? I'm ok with text-based (but I don't think that dot can do what I need), desktop-based (preferably cross-platform) or web-based.

Spoilers: The Eternals. Also, reproductive rights. 

Wow, I didn't expect a whole Disney movie about abortion.

The entire story is basically strong cishet white guy battles against diverse cast to prevent an abortion on religious grounds. In the end white guy realizes that the woman should choose, not him, and encourages her. Also, superpowers.

That was... surprising from Disney!

The Clockwork Angel was staring at the clouded mirror. Their voice was metallic and melodic, even before they started speaking.

"You think you already know, they said: the world is a stage."

"But you don't know. You're not a comedian. You're not even an extra. Some mortals are props, all others less."

The clockwork was winding down.

"You, you are one of the unlucky ones, a prop. You would have fared better as a sound effect."

In my pocket, a Digital Lucifer smiled and pinged.

Currently working on a ttrpg designed to design a setting and play of all kinds, strongly inspired from Amber Diceless, Nobilis, Fate and Forged in the Dark. Tentative title: Divine Comedians, or perhaps Divine Comedies.

I believe that I have setting and character creation and action resolution working.

Now, I wonder if I should have any kind of rules to handle any kind of endurance limitation, or if I should keep this aspect purely in-narration.

Howdy everyone!
What kind of tools do you use when you wish to share your text with friendly proofreaders?

I'm writing stuff in markdown and wonder if anybody has something to recommend.

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