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By the way, always in or around , :)

Will role-play/GM in French or English.

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Time for an . Hi, I'm a guy/he from France. As a hobby, I'm
a Role-player (mostly GM), Storyteller, Improv actor. Also, GM-ing for children.

I'm quite on the narrative side.

I have recently published my first DriveThruRPG product and I'm working on two more. More self-promotion later :)

Armaludis est une association dont le but est de concevoir et de publier des jeux de société en utilisant uniquement des logiciels libres.
a été réalisé avec des logiciels libres. "Nous nous engageons à verser 3% du montant de nos ventes [de Chaos 2D6] aux développeurs de ces logiciels..."

poke: @JosephAlexandre

1879: Heavy Metal

1879: Heavy Metal: The Ottoman Empire has steam mecha. What more do we need to say? And now, the stats. #ttrpg #rpgs #steampunk #mecha #ottoman #fasa1879


Depression and the arts

As I’ve been talking about wiki farms on my timeline for a tiny bit, I’d like to mention the #RPG wiki farm I maintain: is my personal project which I use for my own games and which is free to use for other people that need a wiki for their games.

About the site:

A tutorial of sorts:

is the only non-social I know that dedicates paragraphs to playing , and characters.

1/ Reality Storms may transform you into someone closer to your current ideal self (including radical body changes).

2/ Your Soul is visible in the GodNet, not your body. The mismatch may attract attention from the (very medieval) Cyberchurch authorities.

It's not huge and I don't know how it will turn out, but it definitely looks interesting.

Gosh, playing with murderhobos is hard.

"The local population has difficulties understanding what we say (which is certainly not related to the fact that we're talking global politics and high-technology to cavepeople or to the fact that we have no clear idea what we want to tell them) . Let's kill them all!"

From now through December 3rd, the GUTS+ System PDF rule book is 50% off for just $2.49 on! Help me reach my goal of $10 in sales! 😃​

Starting to take notes for a book on the Psi awakening of mankind, in the context of Torg:Eternity.

Let's see if that turns into another book.

Hasbro is releasing a version of Monopoly that, for some reason, promises to take even longer to play than regular Monopoly.

Since 12% of Monopoly games already last an infinite length of time (see: ), we have to assume that Hasbro has increased the average length of the game from a countably infinite length (aleph null time) to an uncountably infinite (omega) length game.

(and yes, I very much enjoy bragging, why do you ask?)

I got my first consumer review for my supplement.

Wow. What an amazing amount of quality work! You are definitely underselling yourself as PWYW!

🎺 (I'm so proud)

The best part of playing tabletop games with a group is that the stories we end up making together are so much better than anything I would have come up with on my own.

very proud of me and my partner for having helped to translate FFF's ECI! sincerely hope that this will increase the number of signatures. And on that note, if you are a EU citizen please consider taking a minute to read and sign:

I don't have time for that right now, but I'm considering making an alternative set of inspiration prompts for Deeds, not Words (my suffragette/activist game: inspired by the Greek antifascists that pushed Golden Dawn out of Greek politics.

I read an article the other day and thought we needed to celebrate these people somehow, plus the article (in Spanish, sorry) referenced several tactics that could be used directly in the prompts! 😅

Anyway, I'll put it out here. I'm hoping to use my talents in the GMing space to help me pay some bills I have coming up. If you are interested in playing some D&D 5e using Adventurers League rules and modules with a straight ally GM and have some cash to spare, please check out my listing:

The Grace of Simeon d'Hivers, Personality 6 for #fasa1879, goes on sale this Saturday at DTRPG and on the FASA site at! #ttrpg #rpgs #steampunk #IWroteThis Everybody needs to know a fixer working at the periphery of the government, who can get the paperwork done ...

🇫🇷 Il y a un an Exodus Privacy se révélait au grand jour après 3 mois de travail intense dans l'ombre. Pour avoir une idée du chemin parcouru, grâce à vous toutes et tous

🇬🇧 One year ago Exodus Privacy has become known, after 3 months of hard work in the shadow. To see what we have done with your help, please have a look at

Merci à / Thanks to @Qwant , Codeurs en Liberté, @Octopuce , @gandi, @LaQuadrature @fdroidorg, @privacylab

Well, I'm not going to quit my day job, but after two days, royalties of the Reality Choir are finally exceeding the budget of a boardgame I'm planning to buy as a End-of-year gift :)

autism; ableist stuff and eugenics 

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