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By the way, always in or around , :)

Will role-play/GM in French or English.

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Time for an . Hi, I'm a guy/he from France. As a hobby, I'm
a Role-player (mostly GM), Storyteller, Improv actor. Also, GM-ing for children.

I'm quite on the narrative side.

I have recently published my first DriveThruRPG product and I'm working on two more. More self-promotion later :)

Couldn't sleep last night... but I ended up with a surprisingly workable idea for a (mostly?) collaborative board game.

Pitch: A group of archaeologists attempts to dig out and repair an aqueduct bringing water through the desert and towards a water-powered pyramid door.

You need water to quench your thirst and to open the door towards the treasures, and you depend on everybody upstream to bring the water to you.

To be continued.

A grizzled old man with first generation cybereyes piped up from the end of the bar.

"You ain't getting into that system using that fancy rigger gear you kids are running around with these days."

"Look, old man, we're professionals. Why don't you go back to enjoying your... Wait, are you smoking an actual cigarette?"

"Yeah, those USB lookin' sticks never did it for me. Anyway, look, their whole thing is saved to the old network, used to call it 'The Internet'. I can help you get in."

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Feminism, Hollywood, Macho women with guns Show more

Fate Space Toolkit, $10 for prototype PDF and eventual final version PDF.

“TL;DR: There’s no art, but sales of this will help us get art, and once we get art, we’ll upgrade your PDF to one with art at no added cost.”

I know probably nobody cares about project management as much as I do, but in case you're curious how I've managed my game dev process, I'm starting a new repository for a new project. Since do a semi-open dev kind of thing, you can watch me populate the tasks and see how I set things up here:

I'll also answer any questions about why I use software dev tools for tabletop roleplaying games.

hmmm nope don't like how "creator burnout" has been reframed into a personal failing due to lack of self-care, rather than a horrifying consequence of late-stage capitalism and the gig economy

If you ever think you have poor judgement, please remember that the 1908 editor of Puck magazine thought this image was a sick burn against suffragettes.

I have in mind the early idea of boardgame about babies vs. parents. The parents need to juggle between taking care of the babies and other tasks, while the babies try to drive their parents to nervous breakdown first.

I'll see where this leads me :)

I just realized that it should be possible to use Blades in the Dark/Forged in the Dark for a pretty good X-Men-themed game.

as a GM with some Deep Anxiety™, having people tell me in detail what they like helps sooth it a lot. because "oh no it's good" feels like a platitude but saying "I really liked (x), and (y) is neat"? means a lot

Gentlemen, Ladies, Friends without the need for a binary gender constraint: Badge sales for begin in a few hours.

Hype train commences in 5...4...3...

Out of curiosity, anybody else from around Paris, France?

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