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By the way, always in or around , :)

Will role-play/GM in French or English.

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Time for an . Hi, I'm a guy/he from France. As a hobby, I'm
a Role-player (mostly GM), Storyteller, Improv actor. Also, GM-ing for children.

I'm quite on the narrative side.

I have recently published my first DriveThruRPG product and I'm working on two more. More self-promotion later :)

I just realized that it should be possible to use Blades in the Dark/Forged in the Dark for a pretty good X-Men-themed game.

as a GM with some Deep Anxiety™, having people tell me in detail what they like helps sooth it a lot. because "oh no it's good" feels like a platitude but saying "I really liked (x), and (y) is neat"? means a lot

Gentlemen, Ladies, Friends without the need for a binary gender constraint: Badge sales for begin in a few hours.

Hype train commences in 5...4...3...

Out of curiosity, anybody else from around Paris, France?

Hey all!

Aldo Regalado, one of the co-authors of Supers! Revised, has a new Kickstarter for his setting, The Superverse.

At the moment, 5 systems are supported: BASH, Hero System, ICONS, Supergame and Supers! Revised.

I've seen a rough draft of the book, and it's really good. Hopefully some of you will check it out

Also: Now we get to lookfor artists to commision character art for our new stream from.

We've got two Robot/Shadow/Human hybrids, a sometimes stage magician, a dog-man with the eyes of a spider, and a giant biomechanical insect.

So, you know, the usual kind of stuff.

I have had the opportunity to play Stuffed Fables over the holidays. It's a great board game of tactics for kids (with at least one adult)!

The rules are a little bit opaque (one of the reasons for the presence of an adult), but the game is fun and the stories are cute!

Now that I have had time to try Blades in the Dark and read Scum & Villainy, I quietly ponder the idea of hacking the ruleset for my Doctor Who-ish Rogue Time Bureaucrats.

Possible crew playbooks:
- The Rescuers (do-gooders, collectors, ...)
- The System (fascists, anarchists, cultists, cybermen, ...)
- The Private Sector

Possible character playbooks: Continuum...
- Gardener (mastermind)
- Tinkerer
- Explorer
- Brawler (I should find a better name)
- Charmer (diplomat, ...)
- Know-it-all

Happy New Year everyone!

(yes, I know I'm late, but I'm only coming back online today)

Well, the first real test of my -oriented -based variant was a pretty good success :)

Final score: 1 for the humans, 1 for the AI.

Honestly, like 90% of "should we treat robots like people?" sci-fi narratives are almost inexcusably lazy, because they're willfully ignoring the much more uncomfortable reality.

How can we be willing to acknowledge whether or not robots should be treated like people, without acknowledging the reality that people are already being treated like robots.

Finally managed to run a game of Blades in the Dark!

The Whisper ended up with one level of Trauma. They are now looking for an alchemist rumored to be able to cure broken souls. We'll see where that leads...

honestly my life would be about 28000% better if I was able to make the ^_^ face IRL

So, if I understand correctly, when a player accepts a Devil's Bargain, you start the clock, and only later do you decide what it was for?

I like you. It's the kind of deviousness I've been practicing in ADRPG when I GMed :)

Still, since I happen to like Tarot-style improv decks (I even made a few), I might mix those two techniques.

Forgot to mention that Aquaman was a fun movie. Glad to see DC finally righting the ship. I was a DC fan before I was into Marvel, so having both companies produce good films benefits the fans.

Plus it's great gaming inspiration. A quest, Lovecraftian sea monsters, big battles. Even Trident-Fu! meta (+) Show more

Reading about witch trials in the Early Modern period. Quite interesting.

Apparently, the Catholic Church was very conflicted about witches. The official canon *often* held that was not , not an , merely an error or con, and did not deserve to be pursued.

This belief was however often not shared by local abbots, bishops and later Protestants.

The investigated trials and declared them illegal.

Still, witches got burnt.

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