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State of the web 

You may have heard that is officially switching to a based on 's .

This means that, within a few months, for most users, Google will be in a position where they can decide what you can see on the web, how you can pay, and on which devices. Also, they already know who you are.

is now the last browser standing attempting to prevent this . Please try it. Please help your friends and family and coworkers try it.

Please Boost.

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By the way, always in or around , :)

Will role-play/GM in French or English.

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Time for an . Hi, I'm a guy/he from France. As a hobby, I'm
a Role-player (mostly GM), Storyteller, Improv actor. Also, GM-ing for children.

I'm quite on the narrative side.

I have recently published my first DriveThruRPG product and I'm working on two more. More self-promotion later :)

I've just dreamt up the idea of a game about playing Greek Gods in a Westworld-style simulation.

No idea whether it would be good, but at least, now, it's written down :)

If you believe that demonstrations are the heart and soul of the revolution you couldn't be more wrong. The revolution lives and dies on the strength of its communities. Build community.

Put at least as much time into organized mutual aid as you put into demonstrating.

Join a collective that is doing mutual aid or just grab your friends and start doing work on a regular basis. Just make sure you keep doing it because people will count on you. That's revolutionary organizing.

HG Wells, cannibalism 

Thinking about offering _The Time Machine_ to a kid.

And then I realize that the Morlocks are the workers. The Eloi are the idle rich class.

And the Morlocks are eating the Eloi.

Was this a typical 19th century fear? That the workers were somehow living off the rich? Are there still people who think like that?


We join the campaign #UnmaskTheTruth.
It's important that journalists can do their work free from violence, censorship and prosecution.


Starting serious work on The Last Geomancer, the story of Jack Hollow and his confrontation of the Hunger in the Dark. Along the way, Jack will also become a union organizer, and work with the Australian indigenous folk in social and magical ways, as cooperation and mutual support push back the Dark, while venality, cruelty, and hatred of one's fellow humans give the Hunger ways to devour people's souls. #writing

Layoffs, pol 

Well, apparently, I'm not laid off!

Now, if we could only get rid of the covid and that obnoxious orange guy, that would be nice.

Hey all. The COVID era has been a bit rough on me, so I've not been reading as much horror and obscure stuff as normal, leaning more into watching movies and other escapist things. That said, I'm trying to return, and thought I'd start with this article I opened in my browser months and months ago:

Might be interesting that in the Viking era people used mountain passes as major travel routes, could be good for ambushes or world building.

Some bitter, hateful old Trump supporter sent us this photo of one of our stickers, staying he had destroyed the sticker because—in short—he is in favor of mass deportations and similar fascistic measures.

It’d be poetic justice if this photo he sent ends up seen by more people here on the internet than the original sticker would have been had he left it up where it was! Please share this post around to that purpose.

You can get copies of this sticker here for cheap:

So in your game, bringing the "bad guy" to the authorities might be totally moot. Are the PCs prepared to dispense justice and deal with the consequences?

Ibid.: " For most of Republican history there was no formal law criminalising homicide: the Roman government was so deliberately decentralised that it did not see itself as a state which was harmed by private homicide. The murder of a private person did not affect the various magistrates’ power, and therefore the state need not interfere."

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9/11, US imperialism 

9/11 is coming up, which means i'm legally obligated to point out 9/11 here in chile is a different tragedy & also important

the 11th of september is when the chilean right wing (funded by the US gov.) bombed our gov. building, killed our democratically elected socialist president, gutted the welfare state & enacted martial law

followed by 17 years of a violent fascist dictatorship in which at least 3k people died, 40k were victimized and half of the country was traumatized

Has anyone read McMafia? Been listening to a podcast about Putin and this was suggested as a good next step for post-soviet russian reading, but I don't know how balanced it is in its portrayal?

Y'all, my spouse is being sued by our HOA because we haven't been able to pay due to COVID causing me to get laid off. If the lawsuit goes through, they could force us out of our home. If you can donate, or even just boost this, I'd really appreciate it.

"As a knight," the king said, "it is your duty to kill dragons."
"Very well, my liege," the knight said. "Um. May I ask why?"
"Because they hoard wealth without sharing, and people live in fear of their capricious moods."
"Very well, my liege," the knight said and drew his sword.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

RT @WagaduChronicle
(1/15) We are giving away our Afrofantasy 5E D&D book for free. It's the new Wagadu setting + a lvl 1-4 adventure + a 40 creatures monster book. here is a teaser thread with its content! full book here for FREE:
#Afrofantasy #5E #GIVEAWAY #Enjoy 🥰🎲🧝🏾‍♀️✨

"The company has infiltrated and closely monitors groups on social media platforms where Flex workers talk amongst themselves (...) Amazon was monitoring more than 60 groups, according to a list Motherboard found (...) Most of the Post/Comment screenshots within the site are from closed Facebook groups."

For the umpteenth time:

Well, I've finished drafting the escape game/scavenger hunt for the kid's birthday.

Will he repair the (Lego) International Space Station clumsily damaged and pushed out of orbit by the Commander-in-Chief of the Space Force?

Or will he fail to find his birthday gift?

A Visual Novel about role-playing 

I just finished reading _User_ (Devin Grayson, John Bolton, Sean Philipps, from Vertigo Comics, 2001), a visual novel about a woman who discovers (MUSH-style) role-playing games.

I was afraid this would be a big ball of clichés but it turns out I enjoyed it a lot.

I miss Vertigo Comics :(

If you have 12 bad cops and 1300 good cops but the 1300 good cops don't turn in
the 12 bad cops, you have 1312 bad cops #police #policía #autoridad #tolerancia

As seen on twitter:

The history of Nazis holding rallies in left-wing areas of Weimar Germany, instigating street fights, and then telling the press that only they could save Germany from the "violent communists" seems like an important thing for people to be studying right now.

Fictional slavery & unemployment 

Still working on my 19th century Roman Empire ~steampunk setting.

I have now decided that there is a large caste of Roman Citizens who are fed and entertained by the State but have no social perspective other than the Legion, politics or crime – pretty much all other jobs are held by slaves.

I wonder how that will affect society. Or if I'm projecting too much from today's society.

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