For everyone going to PaxU, share what prototypes you will be bringing so we can get a preview of all the games(especially if you will be at Unpub) !

PAX Stuff 

@tonytran I'm bringing to PAX:

Persuasion, my Victorian courtship game.
Unraveled, my 1 vs many evidence analysis game.
Opacity, my "legacy trick taking" game about representation.
Conviction, my couple's quarrel deck builder.

I have 2 blocks at Unpub and I think I may focus on Unraveled, but I'm not sure, maybe Opacity since I don't usually have such a long time for testing. Maybe Unraveled one day then Opacity the next.

I'm tempted to bring a print and play of VelociRapture.

PAX Stuff 

@Gamefreakgeek Yeah! You play as suitors looking for different things in a partner, and you mail letters to each other that share some of your qualities and vulnerabilities. It's semi-cooperative because multiple people can win through marriage or independence, but there's also one sided marriages. I've been calling it a courtship game of deduction and catfishing.

Space Biff actually wrote an article about it recently! @tonytran

@Nosoulnoproblem @Gamefreakgeek @tonytran Pride and Prejudice inspired me several years ago and then the concept lived in my brain until I made this. 😆 Thank you!

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