Trans Day of Remembrance, violence, abuse, suicide 

This , I would like to ask folks to expand what they see as violence. It's not just bigots with guns, but also the parents who disown their kids, and bullies who harass vulnerable at risk people.

When I've seen online trans friends vanish, it was often right when they were forced to come out to guardians who should have been protecting, sheltering, and loving them.

I've been incredibly blessed, but I've known so many less fortunate.

Trans Day of Remembrance, violence, abuse, suicide, a personal thought 

@XoeAllred I've been out to my "guardians" (as trans) for nearly 10 years, now. Although they claim that they accept me, I feel their violent microaggressions (and sometimes not so micro) with every breath that I take...

I... I know that this was maybe not the intent of your message, but it feels validating to hear someone else talk about abuse being violence. Thank you.


@XoeAllred Yes, violance for sure is not just physical, mental and emotional violance exist and they are equally if not more harmful long-term. I feel bad for anyone who was not accepted by the people who should have had the will and strength to be able to protect you. Its wrong even from a religious standpoint to shun others for how they are or who they choose to be. Commiting violance against any person, trans or not is an afront to any self-respecting person and those people should be more than ashamed.

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