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So something I feel is missing from my timeline is some activism posts. Is there anyone on Mastodon that I ought to follow for that? I'm not interested in soliciting or offering such services, but like, solidarity, you know?

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Hey, it's time!

I'm Xoe, an mom of games. I'm : and probably .

I mostly design low violence, semi-cooperative games of modern conflict that center how the players reconcile.

My pronouns are it/its. Use whatever gendered language you'd like, I trust you. Feel free to DM me about gender, aro stuff, games, or whatever.

You can find all my designs and other socials at

It's nice to meet you!

Eye contact, PAX 

Last day at , I came with empty luggage and leaving with full. RIP finances.

PAX, game setup 

I've been so busy playtesting at that I'm only just now able to post about being in the Unpub area with Bread, lol. Only here for a little bit longer. Hosted a bunch of Unraveled earlier today with Cardboard Revolution Games!

Hey folx, I'm with
@PlayCooGames at Freeplay 42B if you want to game! He made me buy Shamans (j/k)

Eye contact, PAX 

Pastel bitch fast approaching ! I've got a purse full of prototypes and I'm not afraid to use them.

Just now realizing my trans color scheme.

Eye contact, PAX 

Okay, I'm here at way too early lmao. Maybe I'll work on some designs on my phone.

Eye contact, PAX, Covid test 

I'm tested, I'm vaxxed, I'm ready for PAX!

Ok someone write a YA story where the main character comes out as a trans girl to their parents who become suddenly alarmed because there is a prophecy about their daughter and they thought they were off the hook.

Hi. It would help me a lot if I could get a HEAP of responses to this poll. The goal is to get a decent enough sample so results are predictive of the wider user-base right now. I dislike asking for boosts but this is SCIENCE... or something. (Thanks.)

How do you use Mastodon MOST of the time?

On a phone, or other touch screen device?


On a device with a keyboard like a laptop or desktop computer?

(If it's half and half choose the middle option.)

Parenting, game dev 

Now, I don't know if my kid even knows I do , but today she told me she wanted to make a video game. I got one of those apps that lets you turn a drawing into a game, and then she made a game where she could dance with me, and win by getting to a love heart. Very explicitly avoided making enemies or hazards. So very proud of her. Sometimes I think I might be doing this thing right.

Momming, ADHD and new craft projects 

My ADHD brain: Let's buy a button press/3d printer/jewelry kit/etc!!! I can make such awesome things!
Also my brain: I'm too intimidated to learn how to do this, so let's put it in the closet.
My kid: I wish I had a this unique button/toy/bracelet/etc...
My mom brain: LET'S GOOOOOOO!!!
Me afterwards: Omigosh I can make (thing) for me now!!!

I finally figured out how to learn new skills, it just requires a toddler.

hello #transgender fediverse. i'm sofie 4 years on #hrt and 3 months post op. where are all my trans people? is there a instance i need to know about? how do you find people on here? πŸš£β€β™€οΈ πŸ“’ #trans #transwoman #transisbeautiful #transwomenarewomen #gaop #queer

Self Promotion, Creator Day 

For , all my print and play games on are marked up 420%!

They're all optional donations so they're still free, lol. Anti-Act is an exception because it's not a game, or anything really.

Itchio Creator Day Sale, Self promo 

I'm having a sale today for itchio's Creator Day!

All my games are half off. Or you can get a bundle of everything for $5!

Consider supporting indie designers today as 100% of sales go to creators during this event.

Lemme know if you're hosting a sale too and I'll boost it!

In solidarity, for the next day or so please share works from your favourite First Nations authors, writers, poets and storytellers of Turtle Island.

Simply name a book and author, and add @indigenousauthors to boost your post.

If adding a book cover to your post, don't forget to use ALT to add a image description.

#DayOfMourning #FirstNations #NativeAmericans #Indigenous #AmReading #Solidarity

(apologies if Turtle Island is not the most acceptable term. I was trying to avoid using the name the colonisers forced upon sovereign peoples)

the other day I was banned from dall-e for requesting too many drawings of antifa lesbian anime girlfriends ("politics" is forbidden). then I realised I have an art generation intelligence system at home, namely my kid.

so I comissioned from her a couple of sukeban antifa gfs on a motorcycle and got this. comissioning is the best you can make anything come up by throwing money at artists :blobcat_thumbsup:​

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