First session of DBT... went well. funniest bit? Me and friend changing the acronym.

Dick and Balls Therapy
Damnit Beatrice Therapy [beatrice is my cat who decided to sit on me half way through]
Damned Bollocks Therapy

Mental Health [negative] 

Gotta love when your manages to fuck up one of your inner circles...

Genuinely wonder why I bother fighting entropy at this point and don't just accept I'm probably just going to sabotage myself at every turn unknowingly and just give up on trying to have trusted people in my life -.-;

Roll20 has been far too kind to the Gargoyle tonight. works on a pair being a success, and number being just how efficient you are. I hardly failed any tests... In a pool of 6 I got 3x10, that's some epic rolling and now I'm scared for future games... In a game were Vampires are the normal, and the Wyrd is everywhere... I'm really scared :3

So I am now a and have been for a couple weeks...

My cat doesn't like
- Wet food
- Tuna
- Chicken


had fun last night. Out DM threw a hella-meta 4th wall breaking fight at us designed to unnerve us and our characters. I knew the solution, Aavia being the entity of chaos that she is, didn't - and essentially became paranoid as heck. To the point she's now actively distrusting the party. She's not attacking them, but the bag of devouring and bag of holding bombs is too close to her for the parties liking. :P

I'm a transqueer woman who's been fully out for 4 years, and today, despite every aspect of me except my voice being high fem [makeup, hair, short skirt, tights, heeled boots] I got "directed" to the mens toilets.

So updates on my games..
is still true chaotic, and is rapidly becoming a master of the elements, and is a fragment of a demigod of nature. oops.

is ready for his first game tonight after much buildup.

and have been retired. - one of my prerolls - saw 1 session before the group fell apart :( Div wiz with Nat20 and Nat1 on portent D:

Autistic/adhd people would fucking thrive without capitalism

Imagine having the ability to pursue your special interests and hyperfixations completely unimpeded by having to work for a living or whatever

Imagine not being expected to mask shit and u can just,,, live

Protip: Never crumb advanced plotlines because your players will fuck up and cause sequences to happen...

My Chronicle 3 Bad Guys have been revealed and we're not even half way through Chronicle 1. Thanks to a Messy Critical perfectly copying a complex marking in blood, and a Beastial Fail to resist its effects by one of the party...

Hey Goths, there's a social network been made for us "alternative" types, a neutral ground for Covens, Vampires and other creatures of the night to chill.

Ever want to reach peak dice goblin?
Today I have obtained:
- approx 130 dice sets
- 2kg of standard dice [d4 d6 d8 d10 d00 d12 d20]
- over 15kg of all kinds of dice.
- 25 dice with my shop logo on them.

While I can't keep them, It's certainly a feeling :3

A 10 hour session happened yesterday...

Things the group have learned:
Tremere are arseholes.
Even the nice vampires are fucking with you.
Malkavians see everything.

Things I have learned:
There are no specific rules I can find for all kinds of things, some things seem too easy and others too hard. Like Clan Banes, Frenzy checks, or maybe I'm just an idiot.

Total Kill Count: 8
Masquerade breaches: 4
Bailouts by manipulative Elder Vampires: 2.

How to know fate is against you. Not me and thankfully, but one in our party.

I saw THE most ps1 cat I ever seen today in Megaman Legends. Fuckin' mood.

Another game, another character.. another game but with a pre-roll I have, the Div Wiz. Never actually played one of these and I'm looking forward to it!

i've also managed to get in a Godlike/ORE game ^_^

I also have a Boblin the Goblin in the form of Graham the Rat...

So my first session as a happened. And ye gods was it chaos. They've encountered the 3 main forces in the city, had all connections to their past eliminated, all gone into frenzy, all nearly killed a human...

My Nosferatu used a bedsheet over her head to disguise herself down the streets, there was a LOT of failures, a LOT of bestial failures - one resulting in one of my SPCs deciding to chew on his friend instead of going for the PCs and 2 hours trying to move a grate!

How to scare the life out of your DnD group.
Suggest there's Earth, Water and Fire Genasi equivalent of your Actually True Chaotic Air Genasi, and all 4 should be brought together to create the Aaviatar. The fall out of pure horror and hysterical laughter was amazing.

Thanks to the massive generosity of people I've raised over £800 so far for The Rainbow Dragons Trove.

TRDT is going to be an alcohol free LGBTQ centric gaming space in South Yorkshire, England. Open to all people to come, relax, play games paint warhammer, and more.

If you're and willing to help, please donate if you and, and even if you can't, please boost so that I can make this place a reality. <3 If you have questions, just ask ^_^

Soooo I'm also doing a thing for LGBTQ folk in the UK, and wanting to set up a Queer Gaming Café basically, and having been turned down for a loan I need to CrowdFund it.

I try and live to be the person I needed when I was younger, now I'm trying to provide the place I needed when I was younger.

If you can donate anything to help, that would be amazing. If you can share the link, that's just as amazing.
Have Questions? I'll answer the best I can!

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