implied Gore, fake weapons, Selfie, eyecontact. 

So one of those things from yesterday really caught my imagination and I made it into a print and play tabletop game! It needs more playtesting but I think there's a good game in there somewhere. So give it a go and tell me how to improve it. And maybe kick a couple of dollars in the donation bucket while you're there to help me get my bike fixed!

devils are red
that dragon is blue
this encounter might kill you
'cause your initiative is 2

Soooo I may have agreed to try and DM for some peeps I see on occasion.
Anyone have any tips for me as a newbie DM, and advice I can give my newbie players?
I'm already looking at making some little cheatsheets for them

won. We had to abort half way because we couldn't see through the rain :p

be damned! There's to do today!

Good job my chain mail weighs me down...

Whoo! mission sorted, holy creature of her god saved, and her gods gift to her recieved :D Now she's a proper Defender of the Faith

More innuendo 


She's also the main disciplinarian of the Church, as the Defender of the Faith her job is to enforce the churches law, and to ensure the priests/clerics are doing their jobs correctly. She's also got the powers to arrest heretics and blasphemers.
She was named The Implacable after an unbeatable enemy appeared, knocked her off her feet several times and she just lept back up to continue fighting him while others got away.

Shame about the darkness in her heart...

Anna Bower is my primary LARP character, I've been playing her for over 3 years. She started as a scout, got converted to religion and became devoted the God of the Merciful Death and Guardian of Souls. Best way to describe her, is as a Paladin. Shes sworn in her faith to never heal anyone, but to provide comfort to those who are dying and to perform the Last Rites and lay them to rest - preventing resurrection and corruption to undeath.


Aavia the Air Genasi Storm Sorcerer.

"I'm what happens when a Warlock and a Genie get BUSSAAAAY"
A child of the air, she loathes being on the ground. She doesn't even like being indoors often and will frequently choose to spend her nights in the Crows Nest of the Airship her fellows keep - The Cat's Paw.

Her group currently consists of a loudmouth fighter who believes himself the party leader, a monk, ranger, and one who's class ive not worked out yet.

Hey peeps, time!

I'm Xenni, keen LARPer and D&D'er. Started with 3.5e homebrew, somehow created a god that still remains in that DM's worlds...

I enjoy gaming, love a coffee (I'm also a trained barista, so that's convenient), love spending time out in the woods and with friends.

I will probably end up posting about various shenanigans my characters get up to. :P

I'll be putting up a couple toots to describe my characters better :)

Looking forward to seeing your shenanigans :D

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