Call me uncultured but I really don't get why people hate Big the Cat

So, after convincing SEVERAL people to go for the ultimate queer cut [sideshave/underbuzz] and finally deciding to do it myself... I cannot find my hair clippers. I found all the accessories, I found several artifacts from The Before Time... couldn't find the clippers :(

is basically a plan I have to create a queer-focused tabletop gaming café and supplies shop.

I was thinking 3D printer too, but having seen @Garrison doing minis, I might skip on that and outsource...

I've registered the email, the ebay account, the paypal account and have a traders account set up with a wholesaler... I just need to get it off the ground.

Well, this is as soon a time as any... I've have an idea for a while of a thing to do, and I'm going to try and do it.

#playfromhome first experiences: two sessions of OD&D over roll20 so far ...

  • we used discord audio chat, as roll20 chat was unreliable (why? isn't both webrtc?)

  • I still prefer rolling real dice, just trust everyone!

  • Prepping seems to be more work - maps, char sheets, quite fiddly ...

  • drawing (hex)maps as you go is a pain ... I found it very disruptive, as it just takes too long

  • it's much harder to "read the table"

  • I find it more tiring. Don't plan sessions longer than 3 hours!

CW: Discrimination 

As ever, start strong on a project... lose all my keen half way in.

in other news, starting a 3rd DnD game tonight! the Magical Girl [Changeling GOOlock] will be making an entry,

Jeeze... panic buyers can get in the bin -.-;

ITT: Online tabletop social gaming websites!
GO! Paid or Free[mium]

Use CWs for corona related posts! 

When a girl has an evil smile and just... Throws bombs around. That's it. That's the good shit.

I am always so proud when I show someone a character and their response to said character is "i love them" anyways, here's my paladin, Joy

So my war clerics first outing... locked in combat without her armour or weapons because fuck wearing heavy armour and weapons when you're on a damn boat...

She lived, and didn't get hit. She didn't land a single hit either to be fair but still...

Begpost, boosts+, help a sick enby out 

The chainmail glove I got to protect my hand while using an X acto knife also allows me to safely pet grumpy cats!

Tabletop Monthley Challenge decided to post this... we were fighting these as we got in the Feywild. This is the person playing Ana...

So we got to the feywilds today via anchors... they let Aavia try and activate the anchors.

DM: As you're pushing and manipulating the magic, it feels like somethings missing, like somethings not quite there and theres a void.
Me: Aavia logic time! She's going to use Gust to push Ana into the rock!

Entire group: facepalm.
DM: Cracks up.
Ana: Fails the STR check and gets a face full of fey anchor stone.

Being a dungeon master is an opportunity to learn all the words you mispronounce and to reveal that you don't know the difference between brazer, brazier, or brassiere

Last bit of prep for her, the spells I'm most likely to be using.

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