Seriously how/why did they concede at this point? I was needing something close to a miracle at this point and was really unlikely to win...

Welp, I've fallen into again...
Send help?

Like my brain is not handling things well right now and all I'm doing is playing the default black deck on MTGArena and winning more than losing...

[Metroid] hot take. 

Metroid: OtherM is under-rated.

How to mess with your players:
Give them a cursed reincarnation doll AND a scroll of revivify - then laugh like a Malkavian when the person bound to the doll dies after shoved the doll in the BoH when nobody was looking as the dead person was "transferring" to the doll.

The "doll" may have escaped and had a gust-boosted Aavia score a 23 on an acrobatics check to leap at the "doll" bag first, 10 more than *all* the opposing checks made....

DND: Never place weird crystals in front of me. I will shoot them or otherwise attempt to destroy them.

Dúrivor: Killed 25 children by smashing the crystal that kept them in Stasis

Calmert: Nearly wiped out a whole city that was inside a giant crystal.

Aavia: Found a crystal prison, tried smashing it, then tried shoving it in the bag of holding.

Someone remind me why I agreed to help someone create character sheets and character builders and stuff for their TTRPG system?

someone remind me why I'm doing it from scratch... ^_^;

Thankfully, it's a pretty basic system at its core with RP focus.

It's genuinely stupid how many attacks my server gets, the ban time is set to 28 days at the moment...

Got bored, set up a bottrap on my website.
The plan is, they'll attempt to access something they shouldn't - usually wp-login.php - and instead end up on a page that should get some information out of them and then tell fail2ban to add them to the ban list....

That said... there's over 3000 banned IPs in my SSHD jail at the moment...

logic got turned on one of the players who has obtained a cursed "perfect" doll.
It was 10 minutes of me talking almost endlessly about its flaws and the flaws in their argument. She found it funny when I did it against an NPC, she was stunned to have it turned on her and even more shocked to learn of talked like that 👿

This is your weekly reminder, Help actions should never be underestimated!

Is there a program that lets me choose css stuff for a website visually, with instant preview?

I guess?

and co went pearl diving today, we found a butt-ton of killer fish and a mimic-boat. Our bard got 2 shot, and in the highlight of her game so far, Vul'lyn smashed a Sahuagin over the head with the shield of a recently deceased Kuo-toa attached to her fist.

Vul'lyn the War Cleric scored a Critical and fatal hit, hitting someone with the wrong side of a shield. I missed every other attack, but Spiritual Weapon landed a crit too.

I'm happy to call this a good session ^_^

DnD Etiquette Rant [1.5/3] 

Our objective is to save The Timeless [Goddess of Time] from a Circle of Death/Time Ravage combination spell cast at Level 9. Were stuck in a timeloop until we fail and the world ends or we save her, our clue is "make this happen" - a burning boat needs to crash into the port city, a specific boat.

Dnd Etiquette Rant[3/3] of the book the BBEG needed. Why have a Tome GOOLock [Knowledge] if not for this purpose?

On top of that, I'm fed up of constantly being talked over and ignored. I've addressed this with the DM before and she made efforts for me to be able to give input and spoke to the other two.

As it stands, my character is now retired and lost in the Timeless library, her part of the pact fulfilled - she found the ultimate knowledge.

DnD Etiquette Rant [2/3] 

We've worked out how to start doing it, and have unlocked a Time-Travel mechanic. I leave those two to the talking [despite the 20 Charisma] as I'm a mostly distrustful Urchin.

Using the Time Travel we visited a library before the BBEG did and modified a book they used to learn Time Ravage. They shouldn't really have the knowledge between them to do this. A rolled a nat20 on advantage from B. I wasn't involved at all and somehow, they've managed to erase all the core..

DnD Etiquette Rant [1 of 3?] 

One of the things that's done me from 's game is bad player "I WANT TO DO THE THING!" etiquette. For context, A is a Firbolg Monk who is still amazed his sword ignites itself. B is an Aasimar Paladin with zero knowledge of magic and isn't registered to use magic. C is myself, an unregistered GOOLock with a GOO of Knowledge and PooT.

the Changeling GOOLock is no more. I've left the game she was in as I wasn't heard, wasn't enjoying and it was a two man show between the two people with linked history who manage to successfully talk over me every time. *sigh*

According to my group, Silence is not a good spell to use against wizards as it will largley disable our warlock and bard... despite it being able to disable the wizard and logistical capability of our enemies as we have a system on nonverbal communication set up.

The characters loyalty to the captain and crew has already been challenged, and now we're going into combat against a wanted pirate with no plan...

I think it's time for to swim away

gained a tail from an air-elemental prosthetic... She can cast levitate on herself and then morph the tail slightly so she's got complete freedom in the air...

The party didn't realise this, and are now regretting letting the air-elemental keep the air-elemental prosthetic. She now has fly speed, and nobody else does.

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