When new game makers ask me for advice, the first thing I ask them is, "Do you want to be a game designer or a game publisher?"

It's really a trick question, but it's intended to demonstrate they are two different skillsets and disciplines that both require effort in order to be successful (even marginally).

@quixotic I joined mastodon.social, octodon.social and tabletop.social, and chose tabletop because that's what I like to talk about most. The others will probably gather dust.

Hello, Mefites. I'm @Major Matt Mason Dixon, and I've added you to this thingamabob.

I seriously want this figure. Now I just need to rationalize it somehow. Maybe the 'I won't buy any new RPG books for 6 months' will do it.

@Dauntless I would think that Organized Play when it comes to RPG is more like "herding cats with a cowbell" to make a cooperative story. In other words, fun chaos.

Just discovered pinafore.social, a great way to change the Mastodon UI into something a wee bit more Twitter-ish.

@Nerdahedron You seem to be laboring under the mistaken belief that any number of dice is enough. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY DICE.

@AuthorX Masks is definitely one of those campaigns where you need photos and red string on your wall.

@bisagpjsteyn If you're watching Mad Men for the first time, I'm jealous. If you're watching it for the 2nd, 3rd or 8th time, I'm still jealous, just not as much. Wonderful show with snappy dressers.

@ossiangrr With Twitter you kind of jump into the deep end and as you struggle to make it to the edge of the pool you follow and pick up followers; with mastodon, I think it's more like sticking your toe into the shallow end. I'll give it a while, see if it sticks.

@crowsandprose Playing a Doberman Scout was a very nice change after decades of playing a 1920's investigator bent on uncovering (and surviving) Mythos shenanigans.

Last night my local gaming group crossed and ; us Very Good Boys barely escaped with our lives. I didn't know was so dang lethal.

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