When new game makers ask me for advice, the first thing I ask them is, "Do you want to be a game designer or a game publisher?"

It's really a trick question, but it's intended to demonstrate they are two different skillsets and disciplines that both require effort in order to be successful (even marginally).

Hello, Mefites. I'm @Major Matt Mason Dixon, and I've added you to this thingamabob.

I seriously want this figure. Now I just need to rationalize it somehow. Maybe the 'I won't buy any new RPG books for 6 months' will do it.

Just discovered pinafore.social, a great way to change the Mastodon UI into something a wee bit more Twitter-ish.

Last night my local gaming group crossed and ; us Very Good Boys barely escaped with our lives. I didn't know was so dang lethal.

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